Why IT Resellers Need A Strong Importer Of Record

by Business Development Published on: 01 November 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

Why IT Resellers

Resellers that are shipping technologies across borders for their international clients will benefit from partnering with an experienced global importer. Typically, the global distributions process is complex where sensitive materials are concerned; computer software and IT equipment are some examples of goods that fall into this category. Customs personnel treat these packages with great caution; sometimes materials must even be sent to special data centers in order to be awarded clearance. The exporting entity, in this case, the reseller, must also prepare a number of highly specific documents for approval, namely a commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill among other types of permits, licenses, and certifications that can be unique to each country they’re shipping to.

If a reseller isn’t adequately prepared, or if the information accompanying the packages isn’t accurate, their expensive assets can be held at the border, potentially procuring great costs both to them and their clients. It’s important to remember that nobody causes a delayed shipment intentionally. Even the most experienced logistics experts can find preparing for global distributions to be incredibly involved and often, unbelievably difficult. To save resellers time, and energy they could be putting towards other revenue-building initiatives, it’s recommended that they partner with an Importer of Record.

An Importer of Record will have the legal capacity to take responsibility for the goods once they enter the receiving country, even if there is no traditional customer like in the case of a lease. What’s more is companies like TecEx will provide resellers with a full suite of additional services. For example, their vast knowledge of imports enables them to apply for all the necessary paperwork on their client’s behalf, alleviating stress. They also can retrieve value-added tax from at least 40 of the 136 countries they regularly do business in – which allows clients to save money as a nonresident importer in the long term.

Obtaining a quote takes only thirty seconds, and resellers are only charged the landed-cost quote irrespective of any changes made to a country’s legislation thereafter. Furthermore, the entire process of acquiring the paperwork to clearing the goods takes a maximum of 10 days. Once the goods are cleared compliantly, the company ensures the equipment is delivered from the data center to its indented destination by liaising with the hired forwarder or freight service. They even offer the services of their own couriers for convenience. They’re respected for their hands-on approach and their best lead times, offering resellers access to an online portal where they can track their shipment in real time, and connect with their client services executive should they have any concerns or special requests.

Shipping technologies globally can be a challenging undertaking, particularly for resellers who haven’t attempted to do so previously. By partnering with a strong importer and allowing them to take the reigns, compliant and successful clearance is not only guaranteed, but it will happen on time. This allows those with international clients to grow their business relationships, develop a good rapport, and open doors to new partnerships for the future.

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