Top 5 Things to Think About When Renting or Buying a Condo

by Real Estate 06 April 2022

Buying a Condo

Are you considering renting an apartment or buying a condo?

Only when you have an ideal space can you transform a rented flat into a house. Choosing the house or apartment to rent is a highly emotional decision that should not be taken lightly. “Nothing beats coming home to family, eating nice cuisine, and resting,” as the phrase goes.

You can only unwind if you’ve found the ideal house for you. It serves as a secure haven for you and your family. Given the gravity of the situation, there are a few things you should be aware of before renting an apartment.

5 Factors You Need To Check Before Buying A Condo Or Renting

This article is a list of things to look for before buying a condo or renting an apartment. In addition, it will provide an answer to the crucial issue, “Should I rent this apartment or not?

1. Size Of The Apartment

Size Of The Apartment

Determine the size of the apartment or home you require first. Varying developers place different emphasis on different areas of the house. You are unlikely to locate a low-cost house with all vast areas. Some cabins feature a large living area, but the bedroom and kitchen are modest. Others may have a large kitchen but modest bedrooms or living areas.

It’s important to establish early on what’s important to you. Is the bathroom small? Is there enough space for a dining table or your pool table/ piano?

A kitchen, as well as a pantry, is a must-have for many women. Most guys look at the size of the lounge and the main bedroom. Before you share the apartment description with your agent, check what is relevant to you before buying a condo.

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2. Rent Price

Though apartment prices vary according to unit amenities, location, and property qualities, there is a typical price range in a particular region.

Choose a budget range before buying a condo. That you can afford, and keep in mind the cost of utilities such as water, electricity, and other personal needs. 

According to experts, rent should not exceed 30% of your monthly salary. Also, bear in mind that you will be required to pay a damage deposit equal to one or two months’ rent prior to or shortly after moving in.

3. Read The Lease

Read The Lease

Examine it carefully and ask questions. Bring someone with you who understands the language better than you do if possible. If a portion of the rent doesn’t seem to make a difference, looks to be a huge issue, or actually appears to be insane, talk with the landowner about it.

You might be able to make minor alterations, such as getting a second pet or having a BBQ with an extra store. Confirm what you are responsible for paying for and what the landowner will cover.

Inquire whether you are authorized to use nails to decorate or drape anything. Inquire on repair charges which will cover brass fittings supply charges for your plumbing system. If the landlord tells you something that isn’t in the lease or is different from what the lease states, obtain it in writing before renting the property or buying a condo.

4. Security Features In Apartments

Despite the fact that space is an important consideration in terms of security, there are other factors to consider. Do the doors have deadbolts?

Is the loft on the main floor giving thieves easy access? Is there a minimum of two exits from each restroom in the event of a fire? (It should, according to most fire regulations.)

Is there street illumination nearby? Is there a working/non-working chimney in the unit that might let fire or critters inside the house? How does the electrical situation appear? (Although it may be difficult to judge, poor wiring is a major cause of fires.)

Is buying a condo or apartment near a busy road or crossing point where a car might collide with your property or yard? Is the home similar to a raging stream? Underneath a potentially dangerous slope? The great majority of these things are outside your control, and it is unlikely that something disastrous will occur, but it is critical to stay alert.

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5. Apartment Service Charge

Apartment Service Charge

The service charge is the cost charged by the property buying management firm to maintain the apartment’s common spaces, such as cleaning, security, landscaping, elevators, swimming pool, etc.

One thing to keep in mind concerning service charges is that the greater the service price, the more features the property has. 

Properties featuring a gym, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, children’s play area, garden, salon, backup generator, security guards, and other facilities have much higher service charges than apartments without these amenities. It is a good idea to inquire about the facilities that are supplied so that you can determine whether the price being paid for buying a condo is reasonable.


With these considerations in mind, you are good to go. Search through a variety of alternatives to get the rental that is best suited to you now. All of these five points are essential. And before buying anything, you must check all of these factors first. When you are going through the elements, you can select your desired property to buy. But before buying a condo, do not forget to check the locations first.

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