Modular Buildings – Perfect Alternatives to Traditional Buildings

by Real Estate Published on: 02 August 2019 Last Updated on: 17 March 2020

The term ‘modular’ actually suggests various meanings, depending on how it is used. For instance, if we associate the word with a house structure, we’ll get modular houses, which means that components can be attached together to form a larger construction.

Modular and transportable construction ranges from multi-story structures to building site housing blocks. Some of them are created with brick skin to toughen the structure of the modular buildings. Due to the adjustability, level of production, and dependability of this kind of construction, it is now becoming a trend. This has modified the traditional ways of building houses.

Modular structures are just like any permanent buildings. However, the only difference is they are built in a construction plant. This means that the quality of the construction is handled accurately. When the manufacturing is done, they can be quickly sent to the site, ready for immediate installation. In fact, if you are constructing a building with a modular structure, it can be completed 50% more efficiently compared to the traditional method.

Benefits of modular construction:

Here are some of them:

  • Flexible. It can be used for any construction purpose, including shower blocks, home offices, lavatories, and even guest rooms. Apart from that, it can be constructed to suit the various requirements in different regions.
  • Fast. It is quick and efficient compared to traditional ways of construction. In fact, it decreases the building period by 50%. This is because the structure is simultaneously done with the site preparation.
  • Affordable. Since building a modular design requires less time and effort, you get to save a vast amount of money compared to traditional costs; modular construction is very affordable.
  • Versatile. When it comes to budget, modular buildings are versatile. The owner has the freedom to decide whether they want to rent, purchase, or rent to own.
  • Transportable. Modular constructions can be transported anywhere you want. You can relocate it to an alternative or permanent location without any hassle.
  • Modifiable. It can be altered and remodeled to your liking, without the expensive cost that’s usually associated with construction work.

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Here are the features of the building process:

  • The build process leaves little to no room for error, and it ensures that you get value for money.
  • The entire construction is quick and efficient. As a matter of fact, people who have experienced buying modular buildings report that the whole process is stress-free and extremely organized.
  • The project can be constructed in a span of three months, and that’s the maximum time. This means that small construction could take less than three months to finish.
  • You get to save an ample amount of money because the site prep and construction is simultaneously done.
  • The construction is speedy to ensure a fast result.
  • Acquiring building permits is much easier for prefabricated buildings.
  • Project scheduling is set at the same time as the order, and the client will be updated all the time.

To sum everything up, modular building is the most efficient building method, which sets a new standard for construction.

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