While Netizens Are Busy Trolling Threads, The App May Pose Serious Threat To Musk’s Blue Bird

by Business 11 July 2023

Threads May Pose Serious Threat To Musk’s Blue Bird

Well, the app store has a brand-new toy, and everybody wants it!

The birth of the new Instagram-linked Threads has broken records as one of the highest-grossing apps of all time. With over 30 million sign-ups in just 17 hours, the app is becoming a favorite among social media users.

However, the app has yet to be available in the two biggest markets- China and the EU.

This was quite the right hook by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg ahead of his much-predicted “cage fight” with his rival Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

The new platform was launched by Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, launched Threads on the 6th of July, which was almost immediately welcomed by millions of users across the planet, especially by thousands of Twitter users that witnessed their dear platform Twitter crumbling in the hands of Elon Musk.

However, netizens may have termed Threads as a cheap ‘copy-paste’ version of Twitter and still prefer choosing the authenticity of Twitter over Threads. They accused Zuckerberg of ‘copy-pasting’ Twitter and selling it as their own.

But the real question is, “Is Threads similar to Twitter?”

The answer is yes, and no!

While some feathers of the newly launched app may coincide with Twitter, it does not have exact similarities with Musk’s Blue Bird app.

Threads offer one of the biggest benefits to its users by letting them interlink their Instagram to Twitter, which helps the users bring their entire Instagram community to Threads without having to do it from scratch, which was the case for Twitter.

However, Threads has its setbacks as well. Twitter was one of the most trusted platforms for journalists, governments, politicians, etc., for sharing important news and information that might interest the public. Therefore, signing up for a new Meta platform can also be a skeptical decision for them.

As a new Threads user, you may have read through the privacy policy that says both apps will use your personal information to “personalize ads and other preferences.” Users have also noticed that the only way to delete the Threads account is if you delete the Instagram account. Also, you may access Threads only if you have an active Instagram account, which is why the app is still not accessible to many.

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