Everything You Need to Know About Shopify SEO

by Ecommerce 12 February 2021

Shopify SEO

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available today. Many small business owners think that it’s an excellent way to sell products online. It isn’t easy to use the platform, and it works for anyone. Even those who are yet to start going online to sell products wouldn’t have a hard time using Shopify. However, eCommerce optimization is still necessary even with the use of this platform. It’s incumbent upon the small business owners to think of the best strategies to guarantee the popularity of the brand. Also, there are lots of other businesses using the same platform. Competing with them wouldn’t be an easy task.

Why Shopify is popular

The first thing to understand is the reason behind the popularity of Shopify. This platform is very flexible and can easily get tailored to the specific requirements of the business. It also comes with lots of built-in tools. It’s easy to use and wouldn’t require coding skills. It helps save time and money. Maintaining the page wouldn’t be a problem too. Therefore, once business owners decide to use Shopify as an online selling platform, the rest will flow easily. Again, optimizing the platform would be necessary given the number of businesses that also try to sell online. Considering these optimization tips would help boost online popularity.

Create a unique page title and meta description 

When people search for information online, the page title will be the first thing that they find. If they believe that it’s interesting enough, they will click the link and continue reading. Otherwise, they will look for other options. It’s the same with news stories. If the headline is enticing enough, people will decide to continue reading. If not, they will ignore the headline. In Shopify, the page title matters a lot. When users realize that the title is interesting, they might decide to keep reading and exploring the items sold.

Meta-descriptions are also important. They help rank the website. They are a summary of what the entire page would be like. If the meta-descriptions are appropriate and easy to understand, they will help boost the website’s search engine rankings.

Optimize the store images

In search engine optimization, it’s all about the use of keywords. The appropriate keywords are necessary to optimize so that when users type them, the website will appear as one of the options. Written content is easy to rank. However, the same doesn’t apply to images. There are no words for Google’s algorithms to determine how to rank pictures. Therefore, it’s important to use alt tags. They should contain the keywords related to what the users are looking for. The images should get optimized, and it will also help in the overall ranking of the website.

Avoid duplicate content

Having duplicate content is one of the biggest mistakes. Search engines will penalize websites containing duplicate content. While it’s somewhat tolerant to internal duplication, it doesn’t apply to duplicate content from external sources. Plagiarism is a big mistake in search engine optimization. The good thing is that there are tools that will determine if the page has duplicate content. Removing the duplicate will be easy. In checking the content, it should at least be 95% unique. Otherwise, changes should happen, or the page needs immediate replacement.

Use the correct landing page

The homepage is typically the center of the e-commerce platform. When people want to know more details about the business, they will go to the homepage. The problem is that it doesn’t necessarily give them what they’re looking for. Sometimes the homepage doesn’t reveal anything. It’s also difficult to navigate. It’s important to link the keywords or pictures to the specific landing page. It saves time. Users will find it more convenient if they immediately get redirected to what they’re looking for. Of course, when the website doesn’t offer anything else apart from the list of products, the homepage would suffice. It displays everything that the company sells. Linking the users to the homepage would be the most practical choice since it also shows the other products available.

Use Google analytics

Once the Shopify page already went life, the next step is to track the progress. It’s important to know if the business is doing well. It can only happen with the use of Google analytics. It will determine if the content is good enough. It will also show the behavior of the people visiting the page. Changes can happen depending on the results of Google analytics. Some experts can analyze this tool and craft the next steps. For instance, if there are visitors who arrived at the page but decided to leave quickly, it’s important to know the reasons. They might not find something interesting, or they realize that the website is too difficult to navigate. There should be web design changes to make it easier for them to explore what they’re looking for in the future.

Write blog posts

An excellent feature of Shopify is the built-in blog post. Blogs are important in promoting the page. They also provide you service with relevant information that might help them in making decisions. Search engines also reward websites that use blogs. Uploading new content would be easy in Shopify. Blogs also show to the target audiences the topics where the business has authority. They might decide to come back or immediately purchase something after reading the blogs. If not, they will at least have a reason to come back.

Getting help for eCommerce optimization 

Figuring out every detail in running a Shopify page isn’t easy. It’s also difficult to compete with companies that already figured out how to be popular online. However, the good thing is that there are agencies that can provide eCommerce optimization services. With their help, competing with some of the most established brands wouldn’t be a problem anymore. They understand the technical aspects of the job, and they can also provide the best tips to rank higher in search engines. Figuring out what to do could take a lot of time, and these experts will make the job easier.

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