How The Jobs To Be Done Framework Works? Here Are The Top Steps

by Business 18 August 2021


Businesses always want to run as effectively as possible. But how can they do this? Since there are so many businesses in various sectors, there are going to be various ways in which each company operates to the fullest extent. However, there are some similar ways that businesses in various sectors can figure out what needs to be accomplished, their goals for their company, and figure out the methods to achieve their goals in their time frame.

What are the jobs to be done framework and how does it operate

Simply put, the jobs to be done framework is a type of organizational strategy that businesses can utilize as a method to come up with new products or services based on the needs of the customer. In this case, the need of the customer is typically referred to as the “job”, as in the job that has to be done. The customer may need to purchase your product because they need to build something in their home. In this case, the job that must be done is building something, and your tool or product can help them achieve their end goal.

The thought process behind the jobs to be done framework that businesses use is figuring out what makes a customer want to use their product, hire their workers, or use their service. Why would a customer choose your product to achieve their goal over another business or another product?

When using this framework, specific teams within the business as a whole will figure out what the company is trying to achieve, what the customer is trying to achieve, and how these two goals can meet with one product. Contact Brian Rhea for more information.

Customer interviews

Customer interviews

One of the most important aspects of a job framework is customer interviews. Customer interviews can let businesses gain insight as to what the people who are buying their products and services are thinking. By understanding what needs to be changed, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they think about your products, you can adjust as necessary to fit your job’s framework.

Build a job map and customer survey

Build a job map and customer survey

The second aspect that is crucial to use a job to be done framework is a job map and customer survey. Customer surveys are crucial at gaining important feedback that can alert you to any problems in the process of producing services or products or consumers.

Get practical insights

Get practical insights

The last aspect of a job framework that is key to success is getting practical insights. By gaining insights as to what can be run better and how you can have the customer meet their goal by providing the tools necessary, you can cater your business and your products towards your target market.


Using the jobs to be done framework, businesses in all sectors will be able to tailor their products and services so the customer can effectively meet their goal! Incorporating this new framework allows businesses to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and put their new methods into play.

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