Understanding the Advantages of Solar Energy For Your Business

by Green Business 14 April 2018

Solar Energy

You’ve seen them, those big businesses with shiny roofs, proudly proclaiming they’re helping to save the world. Show-offs.

But maybe they aren’t just showing off. Maybe they’ve tapped into something you haven’t discovered yet.

No, you know better. Despite the advantages of solar energy, you know what they cost, and you’re steering clear. There’s no way your business could invest in something that outrageous, even if it would help save the world.

You think so? Time for a wakeup call.

Switching from electric power to solar power may seem financially unobtainable, but here are the cold hard facts: solar energy probably doesn’t cost as much as you think it does.

Installation costs have regularly fallen over the past several years. Because of this, many businesses have researched and implemented solar power into their setup.

While upfront costs may be high, the advantages of solar energy far outweigh the initial installation price tag.

Don’t believe us? Read on.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is energy is harvested from the sun’s ray. No longer is the sun only important for healthy bodies and happy plants!

Specially designed panels allow people to utilize the advantages of solar energy in both residential and commercial settings. These panels utilize a mix of special materials and chemicals to produce solar energy.

Power harnessed from the sun can be used to replace electric power, enhancing your business’s eco-friendly-ness, as well as lowering your power bill.

Potential Concerns :

Changing your power setup undoubtedly comes at a high price, but the long-range benefits of utilizing solar energy are worth considering.

Weather issues, too, have concerned potential users, but advances in solar panel technology allow for greater utilization of sunlight than in years past.

What about night time? No fears there. Solar power can be stored, just like electric power, allowing your business to continue operating when the sun isn’t out.

Solar power can also be combined with electric power, to calm any fears of suddenly being stuck in a blackout.

Worried about getting enough power? The roof of a business is often enough space for a sufficient number of panels. You can, however, utilize ground space as well, if needed.

The Stats :

While it may be your main concern, the cost is actually one of the greatest advantages of solar energy.

With advancements in technology, panels last longer and perform better than they did in previous years, lowering long-term costs. This gives solar energy some major arguing points when compared to traditional electricity, which continues to rise in cost.

A residence alone can save nearly $30,000 in energy costs over a twenty year period by switching to solar energy. Imagine what that would mean for your business.

Setup Costs :

The cost of installing a solar panel system for your business will depend on several things. Size must be taken into consideration, as well as location.

In order to power your business fully, you need the space to provide enough panels to harness the amount of energy you need.

It’s also important to make sure the area in which your business is located can get enough sun for the system to properly work. While the weather doesn’t need to be sunny at all times, the amount of sunlight does need to be sufficient.

You may want to consider using a mix of solar and electrical energy. This allows electricity to kick in if needed, ensuring your business will never be without power.

Contacting local solar providers can help you learn more as you consider the pros and cons of your particular business and location.

Other Advantages of Solar Energy :

Falling costs are only one of the many advantages of solar energy.

Customers often appreciate businesses who care about the environment. Many technological advancements can be used to attract new customers, and adding solar panels is definitely one of these.

Some people choose to only support businesses that put forth some sort of effort to make the world a better place, so apart from pleasing your current customers, chances are your switch to sustainable energy will likely attract new customers as well.

Another great benefit of solar energy is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This federal tax credit helps both homes and businesses implement solar energy by lowering costs.

By utilizing this credit, you will save a whopping 30% just for using solar power. Major push point? We think so.

It’s also worth your time to do a little research regarding solar power in the specific area where your business is located. State tax breaks or other rebates could be available in addition to the ITC.

Financing Options :

Depending on your business size and availability of funds, the costs for implementing solar energy may still be high. Don’t let that discourage you, though.

Financing options are available for businesses wishing to jump into the solar powered world. Exploring options, such as loans and leases, is worth your time.

Research the costs of solar power implementation with numbers specific to your business and situation. The benefits could likely still win out, even if you initially need to borrow money to implement the change.

Things to Remember :

As you consider powering your business with solar energy, don’t just jump to conclusions. You may have heard facts and numbers that simply aren’t applicable anymore due to technological advancements.

Take the time to find the facts relating to your specific situation. It will be worth your time.

While the costs of replacing electric power with solar power are large up front, they more than pay for themselves in the end. Assess if your business can comfortably handle this trade, and consider how it would pay back any funds that may need to be borrowed.

While electric power may seem more convenient because it is already in place, the long-term benefits of solar energy are virtually unlimited. Unless, of course, the sun stops rising.

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