6 Unbeatable Benefits of Solar Power for Business

by Business 23 August 2021

solar power for business

According to an article published by the SEIA, the use of solar power for business has grown 20-fold in the last ten years. Much the same we also shared one of our articles a few years ago, regarding reasons to consider for looking out Solar transformation in business.

Companies like Apple, Walmart, and Facebook are among the entities that have embraced solar in this time. Are you keen to join these big players in the trend toward renewable energy?

Hold on! Before you start feverishly googling ‘solar power for my business’ read on to discover how you can benefit from this innovation.

1. Cut Costs With Solar Power for Business

1. Cut Costs With Solar Power for Business

Just like a solar installation company can save you money with a home set up, renewable energy helps you cut your business operational costs.

Electricity is a major expense when running a business, and installing solar can help you cut these costs by up to 50%.

2. Enjoy Great Tax Benefits

When you pay cash for your solar installation, you can benefit from generous federal tax incentives.

The federal government rewards businesses for their environmental efforts by allowing you to deduct 26% from your taxes if you buy your solar panels before 2022.

What’s more, businesses can also take advantage of tax breaks from accelerated depreciation on your solar installation.

3. Create a Good Impression

An array of solar panels on the roof of your building show customers that you’re serious about environmental initiatives.

Studies show that as many as two-thirds of Americans prefer to spend money with businesses that embrace sustainability.

4. Eliminate Production Uncertainties

Costs associated with conventional electricity fluctuate according to market forces. That’s because of uncertainties associated with generating electricity.

What’s more, you never know when inclement weather’s going to cause a power outage that will hamper your productivity.

Solar energy is a certainty for the next few billion years. So, you’re safe from price hikes as well as production delays for as long as you’re in business.

5. Low Maintenance Means Less Hassle

5. Low Maintenance Means Less Hassle

Solar panels last for up to 25 years with barely any maintenance. You can wipe your panels down every so often to keep them looking their best, but that’s about it.

They’re durable pieces of equipment that can withstand rain, snow, wind, and even large hailstones. You never need to worry about expenses and downtime associated with maintaining your solar panels. For those looking for a lifetime solution, solar panels like the Sunpower Maxeon 6 have advanced technology that can last at least 40 years longer.

6. Give Back and Get More in Return

Often, commercial endeavors have large flat roofs ideal for generating solar power. That means you might have some electricity to spare from time to time.

Make the best use of it by getting onboard with a solar power company offering a business plan for solar power.

With this arrangement, you stay connected to the electrical grid, so you can send power from your panels back to your electricity provider.

In exchange, they’ll give you a credit on any electricity you use from their other resources.

Solar Power Is the Way of the Future.

Solar power for business is one of the best ways to ensure the growth and prosperity of your enterprise.

The nation is becoming increasingly committed to renewable energy, so it makes sense to get on board with these measures as soon as possible.

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