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by Technology Published on: 03 December 2020 Last Updated on: 10 December 2020

HONOR Magicbook Pro

Many users are considering whether to buy the Latest HONOR Laptops – MagicBook Pro. As a light laptop, can it conquer the vast number of consumers? Let’s look at its performance.

MagicBook Pro uses AMD’s processor and graphics card. This R5 4600H standard voltage version adopts the same 7 nm process as the HONOR mobile phone. It has stronger power consumption control. The test found that after 1-2 hours of high-speed downloading and surfing the Internet, the heat was concentrated on the bottom of the keyboard and the rotating shaft on the back. The actual temperature of the bottom surface is about 40 degrees. It has better control over the fever. This performance is ideal in hot summer. All this is due to the game laptop-level double fan double heat pipe shark fin 2.0 fan.

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It carries Samsung’s PM981A 512 GB solid-state drive. After installing multiple games and daily application software, it only takes 22 seconds from boot to full boot of Win10. As you can see from that ASSD Benchmark below, the access speed is fast. The speed of processing of RAW and other large-capacity files and the game loading is fast.

MagicBook Pro has a high energy mode. Pressing the Fn + P key can completely release the performance of the 7 nm R5 chip. CPU performance increased by 8%. Rendering efficiency of engineering documents increased by 15%. Users can switch between balanced mode and high-energy mode at will. It can save energy and reduce heat in the scene of office Internet access. But stronger performance can be achieved in-game and entertainment scenes.

Let’s talk about the screen of HONOR Magicbook Pro. It adopts a 4.9 mm full-screen design with three narrow borders. 100% sRGB wide gamut screen. The ideal screen of 16.1 inches is a great visual experience, whether it is daily picture editing or watching movies. This high color gamut screen is attractive. With the blessing of dual speakers, the 5.1/7.1 virtual surround sound effect is not bad. It is very cool to watch movies or listen to music with a 16-inch 100% sRGB large screen.

HONOR Magicbook Pro

It has a wide keyboard and touchpad. Keystroke is short. It has a sensitive response and comfortable typing. There is no keypad design. But it is faster to synchronize with the mobile phone directly with a touch pass.

The biggest highlight of the HONOR MagicBook Pro is its multi-screen collaboration with mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable core position in numerous consumer electronics products. And computers are often used as production tools. The cooperation between the two brings many operational troubles to users due to the cross-terminal and cross-platform problems. HONOR provides a multi-screen coordination function under this background. To help users realize the wireless control of mobile phones by computers at will.

The slogan given by HONOR officials to the new HONOR MagicBook Pro is called “A + Productivity”. This capability is suitable for business people who need extreme thinness and excellent endurance. Developers and content creators who need excellent processing performance. Gamer and audio-visual entertainers who need large screens, high display, and excellent sound effects. All these all-around strengths are the value of the HONOR MagicBook Pro.

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