Is it Possible to Earn Money with Basketball Betting?

by Money 25 March 2021

Earn Money with Basketball Betting

 The NBA is back and so too is March Madness after a one-year hiatus. If you like watching professional, college hoops, or perhaps both, have you ever wondered whether all of those countless hours could be channeled into a moneymaking proposition?

Well, there are plenty of people who wondered the same thing but decided to find out. Depending on your ability to analyze matchups and use all of your knowledge to form cogent opinions on the outcomes of these games, it could mean that you have an opportunity in front of you that you never recognized.

Whether you are an NBA aficionado or prefer to stay ahead with the NCAAB lines and focus on college basketball, it’s all up to you. But the key is to focus on whatever sport it is that appeals to you the most.

That could be anything from the NFL to the NBA to college hoops or even the NHL. But choose whatever sport it is that you believe you are most knowledgeable about and will be more inclined to pay attention as you endeavor to make money over the long run.

Let’s talk about a few rudimentary aspects of successful handicapping and what it takes to turn from a regular fan into a bookie assassin!


Set aside a certain amount of money for the season and if you run out – stop. That’s it, there is no going back and no reloading because that is what we call chasing, and only losers chase. Don’t be a loser. There’s always next season.


Figure out how much you can afford to lose over the course of the NBA or college basketball season without it causing you to cry yourself to sleep at night. Like any business, you must expect the best but prepare for the worst. Sports betting is no different.

Betting Units:

Limit the number of bets you place each night to approximately one to four and don’t be afraid to take the night off if nothing appeals to you.

That’s just smart business and if you want to succeed you can’t bet everything on the board. The vig alone will chew you up and spit you out. You also want to make sure you are not betting more than one percent of your bankroll on any single game or event. If you have set aside $5000 for the season then your limit is $50 per wager. Remember the first rule – discipline.

Do Your Homework:

Study injury reports, historical meetings between the two clubs, and how each fared. Determine whether or not teams play better at home or away and what, if any, is the difference?

Focus on matchups. One team can be much better than the other but if the better team relies primarily on outside shooting and the weaker team has excellent perimeter defenders, then betting on the weaker team could be an excellent opportunity, particularly if you are getting enough points from the oddsmakers.

Find the Best Sportsbooks:

Every professional sports bettor has, at the very least, two sportsbooks that he deals with because getting the best line is imperative. If you are dealing with only one shop then you will be limited to what that book is offering. If the Lakers are -6 at one book but you can get them as low as -4 ½ at another then it is incumbent upon you to find those optimum numbers.

In this example, if the Lakers win by five points, you would have lost at the book dealing LA -6 but won at the other book offering -4 ½. That is an enormous swing and those disparate results can occur regularly which is the difference between making money or losing it.

But let’s also consider which online sportsbooks to use. There are thousands out there all more than willing to take your money but many of them have no intention of paying you when you win. This is why it’s so important to find the right sports betting tennessee website, if that’s where you’re betting from, to know you are playing safely. That’s right, there are several nefarious books run by charlatans but there are also many premium books that are leaders in the industry based on longevity, trustworthiness, timely payouts, and superior customer service.

There are resources online that act as independent watchdogs and solicit opinions from current and former customers of sportsbooks all over the globe. Some even assign a letter grade to each of the sportsbooks which can serve as a guide as to which online books to consider and which to avoid.

Be your own advocate, stay disciplined, do your homework, and make your hoop dreams come true.

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