8 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money for a House

by Money 28 January 2021

Save Money for a House

Are you dreaming of getting your own house but don’t know how to? Saving up enough money for a house might make you feel a little discouraged.

However, if you have set a solid saving plan, it isn’t too impossible for you to finally have your dream house.

There are several tips on how to save for the house. But before we go on those tips, you should know how much your down payment could be. Try to figure out how much you can afford.

After determining those factors, you can now go to the eight useful ways on how to save money for a house.

1. Create a Budget

Create a Budget

Once you have determined the amount you need for a down payment and the amount that you can afford, the first step you can take is to create your own budget plan.

You should know where your money goes or where your money should go. Find out where you spend most of your money. Calculate how much you usually spend on necessities like rent, utilities, and loan payments.

You should also determine how much you spend on nonessentials like restaurants and entertainment.

After knowing all the things you need to spend on too. Decide how much budget you should put on your expenses. Make sure that you stick to your budget plan.

2. Cut Back on Some Luxurious Expenses

You might be fond of going to coffee shops or going on vacation often. But if you want to save enough for your dream house, you need to cut back on those non-essentials as well.

As much as possible stop eating out in restaurants. But try to go for home-cooked meals. Also, cut back on other unnoticed expenses like clothes or entertainment.

Another thing to save more money is to skip going on vacations. Or if you think that you really need a vacation, go to places where you do not have to spend a lot. You can visit local destinations.

That way, you can relax and refresh without having to spend a lot on your transportation or accommodation.

If you are living in a luxurious house, apartment, or condominium, you can find a temporary roommate. You can both split the monthly expenses in half. Or you can find a new but cheaper apartment.

3. Eliminate Bad Habits

If you know that you have some bad habits like smoking, drinking, or gambling, you should consider quitting. Those unnecessary expenses can only put a hole in your wallet.

Instead of spending your money on cigarettes or alcohol, try to divert the money to your down payment fund. Aside from having to save for your future house, you can also be spared from fatal diseases.

If you did not manage to control or quit your vices, it could cause negative effects on your health. And medical expenses when you get ill can be a pain as well.

4. Ask for a Raise

If you think you need a pay raise and you feel confident about it, then you can ask your boss for it. But before asking for it, you need to consider some things first in order for your favor to be successful.

Ask for a pay raise at a right time. Never attempt to ask about it when your boss or manager is busy on a project.  The perfect time to ask for a raise is when you have successfully completed a big project.

You can also ask for a raise during the annual performance review. But do not come to your manager unprepared. You can gather some data that will show the successful projects that you have worked on.

Also, try to be confident and show your enthusiasm during the salary discussion. Let your boss or manager know that you are willing and eager to take on more responsibilities.

5. Get a  Side Hustle

The best way to save more for your house is to get additional jobs. You can take on some freelancing jobs that you can do at home. You can write articles for a website or do a tutoring job.

If you own a car, you may consider driving for ridesharing companies like Uber. You may maximize your earning by driving at night or during the weekends. You can usually earn a lot after your 9 to 5 job.

You may also consider pet sitting as a side hustle. If you know someone in your place that goes on business travel often, you can offer to look after their pet when they are away. If you are fond of animals, this additional job might be fun for you to try.

Nowadays, there are a lot of startups that need people who can test their apps or websites. You can try to sign up for a testing company like Testbirds. You can earn by just sharing your feedback with those startup companies.

6. Track Your Spending and Expenses

Tracking your spending and expenses will give you an idea of how much you spend monthly. There are several free finance tools that you can download. These applications can help keep a record of your expenses.

By using those free applications, you get a full view of your budgeting plan. It will also help you stick to your budgeting plans.

7. Save Your Year-End Bonus or Tax Return

Most people who receive their year-end bonus tend to spend it on a gadget upgrade. However, if you are saving up for your dream house, you need to skip upgrading your gadgets and devices.

Instead of spending your year-end bonus or tax return on unnecessary expenses, you can deposit them in your savings account as soon as possible. This will greatly help increase your savings. You might even get your dream house sooner.

8. Pay Off All Your Debts

If you are planning to get a house, you need to get rid of your debts first. It is not advisable for you to get a house when you still have debts to pay every month.

Another reason for paying off all your debts is your credit records. Lenders like moneylender jurong look through a person’s credit score before lending them a house. So before getting the house of your dreams, make sure that you have a good credit score and get a loan only from licensed lenders like yishun money lender.

The more debts you have, the unlikely it is for you to acquire your dream house.

Getting your dream house might take you a long way. You might feel discouraged during the process. Unexpected expenses or emergency expenses may suddenly occur and ruin your budget plan.

But as much as possible try to stick to these eight (8) useful ways to save money for a house, and you will be able to finally get that house you’re dreaming about.

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