What are the Ways to Maintain a Battery?

by How to Guides Published on: 22 June 2020 Last Updated on: 30 June 2020

Maintain a Battery

When talking about heavy-duty batteries, it costs a good amount to buy one. But after buying a battery, we often do not care to maintain them. Unless you do not have then a look for purchasing a deep cycle battery, you require to maintain it periodically to ensure that they do last for long. However, taking care and maintaining a battery is not a difficult task. You do not have to do it regularly and also it won’t consume much of your time. Here we describe the ways to maintain a battery:

1. Usage:

If you are using that battery on a regular basis, then you have nothing to worry about. But on the other hand, if you are not using it for months, then there are some chances that the battery may get discharged. You may have to face problems when you want to use it after a long period of time. You can prevent your batteries from getting discharged by using it for some minutes, at least weekly. The level of charge in a regular battery will only be maintained in the batteries if you use it regularly. Thus, use your battery regularly to keep it charged and ready to use when required.

2. Storage:

Batteries, when not in regular use, should not be stored in a place with a good amount of moisture. Keep is safe in a dry and moisture-free atmosphere. Also, store the batteries such that there are no chances of the wires of both the ends touching one another. If they come in contact, it will result in a short circuit. This will not only damage the battery but can also lead to a fire. Make sure that you clean the battery regularly to avoid an accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface.

3. Go Through the Warning Signs:

On the surface of a battery, there comes a label that defines all the warning measures that must be taken by the user. In the majority of the cases, what happens is all these signs are neglected and people directly start to use a battery. Whenever you are purchasing a battery, do make sure that you have read all those warning signs before using it. After reading the same, you will know the dos and don’ts related to the same. If you are not able to use it, try following the instructions given in the manual.

4. Usage:

When you are purchasing a battery, ensure that you know the power and voltage required for its applications. It is generally suggested to refer a professional who would tell you the battery power required according to the needs. If your battery power is not in the range of that of the appliances, then you may face certain problems. Your battery must be able to provide the required power. Therefore, before purchasing the battery, find out the power as well as the voltage of the battery you want. Else, you might end up purchasing wrong and unuseful batteries for your requirements.

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