5 Web App Development Trends To Follow In 2023

by Information Technology Published on: 27 February 2023 Last Updated on: 28 February 2023

Web App Development

The New Year is coming soon, so you should understand what trends can be in application development. Every year the trends change, as do the needs of consumers.

What was relevant this year will be unnecessary next. Therefore, you need to understand what exactly is relevant to the audience to get a successful product that will cover users’ needs. With the help of this article, it will be possible to understand which areas or functions you need to pay attention to.

Web app development includes not only coding but also design. Therefore, it is important not only to know how to write code but also to make the site relevant.

The appearance and functionality of sites are changing quite a lot. If you look at the old sites, it is noticeable quite strongly. Therefore, by choosing trends that will be quite universal and will be used later, you can make a site that will be relevant for a long time.

Web App Development Market Overview

At the moment, the application market is growing quite fast. For example, according to Statista, in 2021, there were 143.6 billion app and game downloads. It is important to note that the number of Android downloads exceeds those on iOS devices.

One factor that affects downloads is that app approval on the Google Play Store is easier to approve and release. The application’s popularity is growing every year, so even now, it is beneficial to use web app development services for developing applications.

Trends in Web App Development

Web app development companies should be well-versed in existing trends. Most often, the sphere of design is affected, but there are new features in programming as well. With the help of modern design, you can increase sales and customer confidence.

1. Dark Mode

Many users frequently use dark mode on their devices. This is due to the fact that in the latest Android and iOS updates, you can easily set up dark mode. For example, it can be scheduled or manually enabled.

Many companies have begun to offer dark mode inside applications, so its relevance will only grow. At night, the use of the dark mode is most often because it makes the eyes less strained. Some tests have proven that using dark mode saves battery life.

2. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the trends that is rapidly developing. The bottom line is that the background content of the web page scrolls to the foreground at different speeds. It is worth noting that such scrolling does not work well on mobile devices. But if you make a media query in the CSS of the site, then developers can turn off this effect.

3. Chatbots With Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are developing quite rapidly. Chatbots are now not a millet feature that adds exclusivity to the site but also the ability to unload specialists. With the help of chatbots, you can improve the experience of using the site. Bots will help the user find the information they need. In this case, there is not necessarily a person who will manage the system.

4. Application Sync

Users increasingly prefer the ability to synchronize data between applications. In this case, people do not enter their data often but simply download it from the existing database in another application. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a way to provide this interaction. The web app development company should prioritize the API because it allows you to integrate data and improve user experience.

5. Various Textures

This point is more related to design. Using various textures and shapes in design will allow you to stand out and be in trend. For example, the use of glass structures is now relevant. This is obtained by making the background transparent and adding blur. Pixels take on a frosted glass effect. The use of gradients on various textures is also relevant. It can be both simple shapes and popular 3D animated blots.

Steps of Developing Web Applications

Developing Web Applications

Web app development services have a blueprint that is used during development. With its help, you can competently develop an application, and at each stage, you can get the best results.

A. Planning

By choosing an industry, some stages of development differ. At the planning stage, you need to understand exactly what needs the application will close. It can be an application for communication, fintech, a game, etc.

B. Analysis

The analysis is one of the most important stages in development. Specialists will have to conduct research and understand what the needs of users are. The success of the application will depend on the quality of the research.

C. Design and Development

Using custom web app development can speed up the development process. Development focuses on design and functionality. Depending on this, the code will differ. In design, you should pay attention to trends and user needs.

D. Testing

Software testing company will help you find all the bugs and errors in your code. This stage is very important as the user experience will depend on the application’s stability. Using services, the testing process will go much faster.

E. Launch

After the application is launched, you need to add updates regularly. This will allow you to remove bugs in the application and add new functionality. With regular updates, the application’s chances of being hacked are minimal.


Currently, the application is popular, and this area is developing quite quickly, so new trends appear, and some should be paid attention to. There are trends both in new functional features and in design.

Therefore, understanding the trends will allow not only to release of an actual product but also to increase the download of the application. With proper research and understanding of the problem of consumers, the application will become relevant and in demand.

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