How to Optimize Videos for Online Promotion

by Marketing 02 October 2017

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When you want to use videos to promote a brand, product or service online it is important to optimize them. The exact manner in which you optimize videos for online promotion will vary however – largely depending on the methods that you’re using.


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If you would like to find out how to optimize videos for the most popular methods of online promotion, here’s exactly what you need to know:

Optimizing videos for social media and video sharing platforms

Most social media and video sharing platforms are compatible with a wide range of formats, but they do recommend uploading videos in particular formats and video settings for the best results. Insofar as is possible it is best to follow these recommendations, as they may affect how your video is displayed.


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Optimizing videos for email

In many cases videos are sent via email as a link to YouTube or some other video sharing platform. That being said some businesses do email video files – which can be tricky. Many email service providers and servers have attachment size limitations, and so optimizing videos for email often requires them to be compressed to as small a size as possible (sometimes under 15 MB). Additionally the format may be a concern as well, as it needs to be one that is as close to universally compatible as possible.

Optimizing videos for a website

If the videos on a website are embedded from video sharing platforms, the method of optimization is as stated above – however if they are self-hosted then there are a different set of considerations. In most cases it all comes down to speed and bandwidth, and balancing your websites resources with quality. As such some compression is normally required so that it doesn’t take up too much bandwidth or load too slowly.


Although all that may sound a bit complicated, if you use Movavi Video Converter you’ll find it doesn’t have to be very difficult at all. It will let you convert your videos to any format, and has built-in presets to automatically use the optimal format and settings for any device or platform – including mobile devices, social media, and online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and much more.


In addition to being able to convert video, Movavi Video Converter will also allow you to compress them to a specific file size. It can convert audio and image files too, and has several editing features that can be really useful when you’re preparing videos. With these features you could improve the video quality, cut and join video segments, crop and rotate the frame, or add captions.


Suffice to say if you want a way to be able to optimize your videos for online promotion, Movavi Video Converter is definitely one of the easiest options out there. It can cater to all your needs, and ensure your videos are compatible and optimized for any platform and also compress it down to the file size that you may require in certain situations.

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