How To Optimize Your Digital Menu Board

by Small Business Published on: 11 April 2018 Last Updated on: 11 February 2023

Digital Menu Board

The art of suggestion is key to a successful restaurant and there is no more powerful place to make a suggestion than on your digital menu board. Great hospitality and service will always be a powerful influence on decisions, but in fast casual, takeout, and fast food restaurants, servers have limited opportunities to influence customer decisions. Your menu board is often your one chance to influence customer decisions. It needs to be designed to upsell, promote bestsellers, and move products that do the most for your bottom line.

The first step toward a powerful menu board is moving to digital. Digital signage opens up endless possibilities for menu board design. It allows you to update prices, videos, promotions, and information as often as you want. With innovations in touchscreen software, you can present your services better in ways that suit your business exclusively. You can utilize video to influence customer choices at the point of sale. You can even integrate loyalty programs or introduce promotional screens on the countertop – yet another layer of influence. Digital menu boards from companies like Netvisual make it simple for managers and owners to update menu information with a web portal. Just plug in new prices or updated nutritional information and click “activate.” If you haven’t made the jump to digital menu boards yet, a company like Netvisual can provide custom digital menu board design. They help you create custom content, provide installation, and give ongoing customer support. Just visit to learn more about what digital menu boards can do for your restaurant. If you already have digital menu boards, here’s how you can optimize them to improve sales:

Use Data :

Optimizing a digital menu board is all about how you use real estate. High volume products and high margin products are going to occupy the most valuable real estate. Before you do anything else, look at your sales for the last year. What has the highest volume and where does your restaurant earn the most money? Detailed sales analysis reports can reveal seasonal and even hourly changes in sales patterns.

Hot Spots :

Interior digital menu boards have hot spots – where the eyes are automatically drawn. Your main hotspot on interior digital menu boards is directly above the cash register. If you have a counter with multiple cash registers, the center of the menu board is the highest traffic zone. A drive-thru menu board will have different hot, cool, and warm spots that you can check out on the rd+d magazine for reference.

Sales to Space Analysis :

Match the real estate you give to menu items to their sales volume and their contribution to your bottom line. Put popular items in your hot spot, while value items or sides can be put to the margins or in smaller spaces. It also pays off to keep in mind how people order. Is your menu designed in such a way that customers pick a main and then sides? Make your digital menu board flow in a way that encourages customers to buy more.

Digital menu boards may be the biggest impression you make on your customer – at least before they eat. Optimize your digital menu board so that it works for your bottom line.

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