How to Nurture Data in Your Business in 2017

by Small Business Published on: 06 February 2017 Last Updated on: 18 April 2019

Nurture Data

It need not be told, but in current society, we no longer struggle with the means to obtain big-data, but rather the tools to explore, decipher and unravel its potential.  The more and more data we harvest, the more and more intangible it can become. Its inaccessibility has become the topic of numerous organizations’, including the government’s, board meetings, and has left a lot of big businesses wondering where all their big numbers can take them.

No longer is data confined to government officials or accountants, due to the access of new technologies data can be captured from just about anyone at any time from any device. This means that all industries that can capitalize on this data, especially for marketing purposes, can make huge headways in their research, and profits. In order to cope with this influx, however, these industries have had to completely rethink their data input infrastructure, often starting from scratch.

This ‘starting from scratch’ is possibly the most daunting prospect for businesses, and can prevent the initial vital process from paper to digital data formatting. Even for those businesses that qualify as technologically-savvy, big-data poses a whole new level of management and tool evolution. The key isn’t necessarily now how to capture or maintain data as such, but how to nurture it and help your business grow from it, otherwise it just becomes a heap of time-consuming figures, which continues to scare employees more than an empty coffee draw.

This is where IDBS can help, they offer a number of different data solutions tailored for each industry’s needs and focus on providing the tools for businesses to nurture their data. Their electronic lab notebook is the perfect device to ease in new businesses and build the foundations for fruitful data management. By using bespoke template libraries, they’ve optimized data capture to control your work-flow. Instead of letting your data lie dormant, or letting it erupt all over the place, exploit its endless possibilities and see your ROIS grow today.

Data will continue to grow at a rapid rate, with mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter and snapchat collecting masses of data within seconds of use. Data collection is vital for businesses to widen their target audience and home in on their preexisting demographic. We’re seeing more and more businesses use data-led research marketing methods and those who aren’t able to evolve to this will seemingly lose out to their competitors. Implementing tools such as those that IDBS offer is one small step, but also offering in-house training which insures the correct data is amassed and the correct and legal security measures under the data protection act are put into place is vital. Looking after data in this respect means not only nurturing it, but keeping it out of the wrong hands, and ensuring the safety of your clients as if these measures are breached you could be hit with heavy fines and a lot of trouble on your hands.

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