Omega- The Pioneer of Branding and Advertising in Swiss Luxury Watchmaking

by Fashion Published on: 27 February 2019 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

Omega: The Brand

Omega was founded in a small workshop established by Mr. Louis Brandt in the famous luxury watchmaking area of La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland in 1848. From a very modest start, Omega has established itself as one of the biggest and most reputed luxury Swiss brands in the world.

The foundation of Omega’s brand story has always been cutting-edge mechanical innovations, and timely releases of iconic collections and timepieces, that continued to make Omega enjoy a premium position, both in terms of sales, as well as in terms of being a fountainhead of the industry.

The company has built its reputation on collections like the Omega Constellation, the Speedmaster, and the Seamaster. The Globemaster, Deville, and Ladymatic collections are some of the newer ones that have started creating quite a buzz in the industry.

Omega: Marketing and Branding

Omega has always been at the forefront of heralding the evolution when it came to branding and advertising. What it was successful was in identifying different niches for its different collections. When it came to their luxury and sophisticated Omega Constellation series, the brand turned to Hollywood.

With George Clooney and Abhishek Bachchan being the brand ambassador of the Omega Constellation men’s line of timepieces, and Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Zhang Ziyi being the ambassadors for the Omega Constellation women timepieces, the brand has been able to appeal to a huge audience all over the world.

Eddie Redmayne for Globemaster and Danial Craig for the Speedmaster are some other notable celebrities that have flawlessly tied up their personalities with those of the collections from Omega. In terms of advertising and branding, Omega has been astute to target different events and audiences for its different collections.

Omega: Advertising Strategy

If we look at some of the most successful campaigns for the Omega Constellation collection (like the recent one for the Omega Constellation Manhattan series), we would find it to be extremely luxurious, sophisticated and aspirational in nature. The Constellation comes into its own on fashion runways, Hollywood hotspots and has a huge celebrity undertone to it.

Omega also has a historical relationship with racing and speed. It has been sponsoring and being part of races, and circuits as the Official Timekeeper. It is no secret that the Speedmaster owes its lineage and pedigree to Omega’s association with the world of racing.

Omega’s capabilities and the robustness of its mechanical innovations were put to test in 1962 when it was tested by NASA for its lunar missions. The Omega Speedmaster was the only timepiece, which survived the tough and demanding tests that were conducted by NASA. This established Omega’s reputation as being space ready and led to many successful Speedmaster editions.

Omega Constellation: Branding Facts

Luxury watchmaking brands always have certain classes and categories of products. However, all of them have one category that is common- high jewellery. In simpler words, it means a timepiece that is famously expensive and has exquisite materials from which it has been crafted.

The most expensive watch in the Omega line up is the Omega Constellation Baguette. The timepiece is worth over $700,000 and has 30 carats, 146 baguette and trapeze diamonds adorning the dial. In addition to this, the Constellation Baguette boasts of 459 pieces of Wessleton diamonds on the timepiece, which is in entirety crafted from 18-carat white gold.

At the time of its release, this particular timepiece created quite a stir, as it was publicized as a rarity by Omega’s branding and PR team. The brand sure knows how to connect with the right audiences by creating certain exclusives, thereby generating more curiosity and interest amongst audiences and buyers.

The Final Word:

Other Swiss luxury watchmaking brands can learn from several best practices from Omega. A company need to tick all the right boxes in terms of branding, marketing and advertising to the right audiences. Omega has mastered the art of creating a perfect ecosystem for its different collections, linking them up with brand ambassadors, and events.

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