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by Services Published on: 11 December 2021 Last Updated on: 14 December 2023

Offshore Development

Digital transformation became a core priority of numerous businesses. So many companies want to optimize and automate working processes, unload employees, increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. It seems like they have too ambitious goals that are hard to achieve, and yet custom software can become a magic wand for any company. So all that every business has to do is find an experienced and reliable development team able to build that custom software.

Business owners prefer outsourcing their software development to offshore companies because it is the best way to get great results for a reasonable price. And when it comes to offshore development, Ukraine can be called a leader in this field.

Why Are Ukrainian Developers Great Technical Partners?

A couple of years ago the Tech Ecosystem Guide to Ukraine was published. That guide explored the Ukrainian tech market and provided interesting insights and numbers. Here are some of them that are the most impressive:

  • Ukraine has more than 184,700 highly experienced software developers.
  • There are 4000+ software development agencies located in different cities of Ukraine.
  • Each year Ukraine hosts more than 1000 events for technical specialists.
  • And it is the 24th best country for software development in the world.

These numbers prove that Ukrainian vendors are trusted and reliable technical partners and they can handle custom development of any complexity. And that is exactly what attracts business owners who have high standards and serious requirements.

Reasons To Choose Ukrainian Offshore Developers

Software development is a serious commitment that requires a lot of time and money. Therefore before entrusting their project to any company, business owners try to weigh the pros and cons. In the case of Ukraine offshore development, numerous pros usually outweigh very few cons. Here are the most common reasons why businesses choose Ukrainian offshore companies:

  • There Is A Wide Pool Of Talents

On the Ukrainian market, you can find an offshore dedicated development team of any qualification that works with any technology including popular and advanced ones. And what’s more important, you hire not a separate person, but a cohesive team where all processes are built in a way to make your project a success without exceeding the budget or missing a deadline.

  • The Communication Is Very Easy

All Ukrainian technicians know English and can easily explain all project details even to a person with no technical background.

  • They Offer Full-cycle Development

Most companies will build a project from scratch, help you with its integration into your business environment, and even offer post-release maintenance. There are companies like GBKSOFT that even conduct the Discovery stage and market research to help their clients get not only feature-rich software but also the one that will address their business challenges.

  • There Is A Staff Augmentation Option

which is perfect for companies that already have some in-house developers but may lack extra hands to complete their projects. Staff augmentation can be of use when you’d like to spice up your existing solution with new technologies but your own technicians cannot do this. Ukrainian teams are used to outstaffing and know how to integrate into your team fast and start their job.

  • All Processes Are Transparent

The clients of offshore development companies are usually provided with financial reports along with progress reports. This saves a lot of nerves since the clients are aware of what resources are spent and what part of the project is ready.

  • Guaranteed Data And Idea Protection

Every offshore company will sign with a client an NDA that guarantees that the team will not share any project-related information and will not use it for any other purposes. So whether you develop a startup solution or build something really solid for your business, you can be sure that no data will leak and ruin your efforts.

Apart from the reasons named above, it is important to highlight that offshore development companies estimate each project separately. And when it comes to developers’ hourly rates, you will be pleasantly surprised. On average they charge $31-42 per hour, which is way more affordable than the rates of US specialists. And the quality of services is no worse. Therefore you can even save some budget by choosing an offshore development.

World-known Projects Developed By Ukrainian Offshore Companies

To believe companies of offshore software development in Ukraine are great, just take a look at famous solutions that were developed by them. If you google them you will definitely see such projects as Grammarly for improving writing skills, Looksery for adjusting videos in real-time, that helps to analyze the productivity of departments, and even Petcube an interactive app to entertain pets while their human owners are away.

And it is not a secret that many business giants like WhatsApp, Slack, Github, and even Alibaba resorted to outsourcing to make the most out of their projects. This only proves that offshore software development can be a great option that will lead you to success.

To Summarize

Among the most influential trends that will stay with us for an upcoming couple of years, Gartner named digital transformation and accelerated use of technologies. This means that a growing number of companies will start their development journey in 2021. And to make it a pleasant and fruitful one it is better to consider offshore software development and hire a team from Ukraine. You will be surprised by the results that will exceed all your expectations.

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