Why Businesses Should Invest in a Digitally Literate Workforce

by Technology 19 June 2021

digitally literate

In this day and age, technology plays a big part in most people’s day-to-day lives, meaning that we are expected to be digitally literate both personally and professionally. But what does being digitally literate mean? Well, simply put, it is all about the capability to evaluate, find, create and utilize information using technical support and knowledge.

It consists of areas like online communication, fulfilling online tasks, digital ethics, and online security. Employees should be taught to do various kinds of digital transformations, with some digital-focused roles consisting of digitalization, office automation, artificial intelligence, organization, and various other activities that help ensure better performance in the wider business.

In fact, a recent survey undertaken by Helastel revealed that although 43% of employers believe digital literacy is very important, 45% are hesitant to invest in their employee’s digital education due to the additional cost.  Below, we look into the reasons why the extra cost can be seen as an investment and beneficial for businesses.

Need For Digital Literacy

Employee’s Digital Literacy Enhancement Benefits

It is a known fact that many employees need better assistance and training in terms of digital activities, mainly due to its fast-paced nature. Each employee requires several technological skills, organizational knowledge, and efficient education to carry out digital tasks. This is true for most industries, especially as many are totally emerging towards a digital-first platform.

Interestingly, just under half of the employees surveyed think it is both the employer’s and employee’s responsibility to stay digitally literate. There are numerous benefits in increasing the digital knowledge among the workforces, including productivity and communication efficiency. This can save both time and money, making a business overall more efficient.

One other thing to consider is that of a business’s target audience. As mentioned previously, most people have some form of digital literacy and therefore it only makes sense that any workforce should have the same or better digital knowledge than that of the audience.

If the consumer is online, then it stands to reason that this is where advertisements will be, where inquiries will be made, and transactions finalized; all of which will need some form of human involvement which cannot be completed by those with little to no digital literacy.

Advantages Of Spreading Digital Knowledge Among Employees

What Types Of Digital Skills Are Required For The Workplace?

Creating a highly competent digital workforce can help all stakeholders. Each employee is able to collaborate remotely whilst still communicating effectively – and this year this particular has been of the utmost importance.

Here are some of the advantages of a digitally literate workforce:

  • Digital literacy is essential for any business, from understanding cybersecurity to planning events and meetings.
  • Investing in employee’s education can help to motivate them with great support from the business itself.

Overall, developing a digitally literate workforce will help to increase productivity, loyalty, and communication across the whole business. If you manage a team or own a business, we would like to hear your thoughts on investing in digital literacy.


The digitally literate workforce is helping every type of organization to grow. Your workforce maintenance cost is also going to reduce when you are going to use digital technology. The fast and efficient workforce is like a blessing for the organization. And this is a permanent investment. You will get 40% better results from your single-shot investments for the employee digital literacy enhancements. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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