Suing For Common Types Of Nursing Home Abuse Found In New Jersey

by Legal Published on: 22 July 2022 Last Updated on: 23 July 2022

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home residents always have legally protected rights. They also deserve to get the best possible care. 

However, it is really unfortunate that a lot of elders experience nursing home abuse at some point. In this case, you do not have any other option than to report the abuse or neglect. Only reporting to the nursing home administration is not enough sometimes. 

In that case, it is best to take the matter to court and demand fair compensation. When you are suing for any nursing home abuse, you are also letting the other elders and patient parties be aware of the fact that a particular nursing home has abused your loved one. 

Before you take any legal steps, it is crucial to understand the most common types of nursing home abuse. 

Common Types Of Nursing Home Abuse Found In New Jersey

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

Here are the most common types of nursing home abuse that elders usually experience. Getting an understanding of them will help you with your nursing home abuse lawsuit. 

1. Physical Abuse

Whenever a resident suffers from any type of bodily injury or harm that falls under the category of physical abuse, here are the common examples of physical abuse. 

  • Being restrained with ties or straps. 
  • Being kicked or punched. 
  • Getting pushed or shoved. 

Summon signs of physical abuse include; 

  • Bruises,
  • Bleeding,
  • Broken bones. 

2. Emotional Abuse

It is also known as psychological or verbal abuse. Emotional abuse is characterized when someone insults a resident or uses any type of threat in order to control them. Emotional abuse is the most common type of nursing home abuse. 

Here are examples of emotional abuse. 

  • Making threats.
  • Isolating seniors from friends, family, and other residents. 
  • Insulating the resident’s intelligence or appearance. 
  • Controlling the activities of a resident against their will. 

3. Nursing Home Neglect

Whenever the staff members fail to offer proper medical care to the resident nursing home, neglect occurs. Due to this, the resident’s emotional and physical well-being suffers. Nursing home neglect is a little different from nursing home abuse. 

Nursing home abuse typically includes the following. 

  • Dehydration and malnutrition. 
  • Poor personal hygiene. 
  • Medication errors. 

4. Financial Abuse

When someone steals from an elder individual or gets money from them by manipulating them, financial elder abuse occurs. Here are the common examples of elder abuse. 

  • Misusing power of attorney in order to change the will of a resident. 
  • Stealing cash, valuables, or credit cards of s residents. 
  • Not letting the residents access their own bank accounts. 
  •  Stealing bank statements or financial records of a resident. 

Suing For Nursing Home Abuse In New Jersey

Nursing Home Abuse In New Jersey

It is best to call 911 for immediate emergency assistance. In an emergency, if you believe that the patient is at risk, you also can call your state’s adult protective services agency. 

In case of non-life threatening concerns, it might always make sense to report it to the proper authorities, like the staff social worker, supervising nurse, or administration first. This way, it can be resolved easily.  

However, in case you are witnessing a pattern of problems, it is always best to go for escalation. When you are filing a report or suing for nursing home abuse, you always must remember that you have to prove neglect or abuse is happening. 

You only can suspect it, and for the rest of the investigation, it is best to rely on an experienced nursing home abuse attorney. 

Different types of evidence need to be gathered, like photographs of the injuries, videos of your senior describing the nursing home neglect or abuse, and professional medical advice that you have received. Suppose you have prepared any notes about the situation that also serves well. 

Nursing homes are handling these types of cases almost every now and then. They always are prepared with their legal team. So, when you are reporting nursing home abuse, it is always best to hire an attorney. 

The legal professional knows exactly how the case needs to be handled and what evidence is required to prove the nursing home abuse or neglect case. 

To Conclude 

In order to use common types of nursing home abuse, the best thing you can do is to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer. The lawyer will guide you with all the things you need to take care of. From gathering evidence to consulting with the doctors about the damages or injuries, everything will be handled properly. 

Especially when your case is against a reputed nursing home, you can not take any chance because they are already well prepared with their legal team and not going to spare any ground for you.


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