Who Pays For Nursing Home Care?

by Human Resources 02 April 2022

Nursing Home Care

The United States has a highly developed system of caring for disabled people who are senior or suffer from serious illnesses. Such physiological disorders include dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or patients are simply recovering after surgery.

Many relatives often wonder who pays for these services and whether they are covered by insurance when patients are managed in a Philadelphia nursing home or if they are cared for at home.

Who pays for home care services for disabled people?

Who pays for home care services for disabled people?

Most often, payment for the services of a nurse falls on the shoulders of relatives, or money is debited from the account of the patients themselves. The insurance company does not cover the service in all situations, as it is often not profitable. Medicare may only cover short-term expenses in the following situations:

  • The patient is recovering after a planned or emergency surgical intervention with a positive prognosis for recovery
  • An elderly man has broken his femoral neck and needs care for a certain period.
  • The patient is on planned treatment or rehabilitation after intensive care.
  • An elderly person is under examination with identified pathologies for a certain period until the end of treatment.

The insurance company refuses to pay if a person arrives in a state of regression of his condition and needs constant palliative care. The same applies if the patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, or he is in the terminal stage of cancer with a natural outcome, according to doctors’ forecasts.

Who is eligible for benefits?

Some patients who need constant care can count on several benefits from the state or insurance company:

  • If the patient has an extended insurance policy or has been a client of the insurance company for many years, additional bonuses are provided to him.
  • If the insurance policy implies a certain number of days of free patient care, according to the terms of the contract.
  • When there are grants for the elderly from the government of a certain state.
  • If the patient is a war veteran or has been awarded state decorations for outstanding achievements.
  • If volunteers are involved in helping sick people on a non-commercial basis.

In other cases, the insurance company individually considers each situation and makes a decision that suits both the medical institution and the relatives of the incapacitated person. Our organization provides each customer with a range of full-fledged services to maintain the normal life of an elderly or sick person on the most favorable terms.

What are the duties of a nurse when caring for a patient?

What are the duties of a nurse when caring for a patient?

When contacting our company, our qualified doctors and nurses provide a range of services for each patient, following the following list of responsibilities:

  • Timely delivery of medicines, according to the prescription of the attending physician.
  • Performing injections, and installing droppers.
  • Intensive massage therapy, if necessary – resuscitation.
  • Turning the incapacitated patient to avoid the formation of bedsores.
  • Constant communication with the attending physician, and timely response to sudden changes or exacerbations of the disease.
  • Selection of the correct diet for the patient.
  • Feeding the patient, in strict accordance with the daily routine.
  • Assistance with day-to-day patient care – changing clothes, taking a shower, sanitary and hygienic procedures.
  • Psychological support for a disabled person, maintaining communication, calming, and raising mood in case of depression.
  • Fulfillment of personal requests of the patient, according to the regulations of our organization – going to the store, setting up the TV, providing Internet and video communications with relatives, and other services.
  • If necessary – the provision of palliative care, when the patient’s relatives order a hospice at home, alleviate the suffering of the patient, maintain comfortable living conditions, right up to the very end of the life cycle.

For each concurrent case, the list of care measures is determined individually after a comprehensive examination of the patient, the appointment of operative intervention, a course of medications, or intensive therapy.

Features of the provision of palliative care to the patient

Unfortunately, among our patients, there are a large number of such people who need palliative care. These people were given a disappointing diagnosis, and, according to doctors, they have no more than 6 months to live.

These patients include the very elderly, as well as those who are in the final stages of life due to serious cancer in the last stage.

Our experienced nurses are trained to care for these patients and do their best to prevent suffering, reduce pain and provide comfort in the very last months or weeks of life.

Such patients are often prescribed strong psychoactive drugs that must be administered intravenously to reduce pain.

Our nurses change and wash their patients, provide them with round-the-clock care, take them out for walks in a wheelchair, and feed and drink naturally or through injections.

All our palliative care staff are qualified psychologists, and they support patients mentally, calm them down, and don’t allow them to become depressed in any cases, despite the stage of the disease. This significantly increases their life expectancy and improves their general condition, cheering them up.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Home Care Company

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Home Care Company

Many relatives of terminally ill or elderly people often face many problems when choosing the right medical agency for comprehensive care for patients at home. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, it is necessary to take into account many different nuances:

  • The agency has an official license.
  • Availability of office, doctors, and other staff.
  • Work under a formal contract
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Availability of the necessary diagnostic equipment, as well as medications and means for intensive physiotherapy.
  • The presence of a hospital, including resuscitation ambulances for urgent hospitalization of patients in the presence of pathologies.
  • Date of foundation of the company, the presence of a portfolio, and experience in working with clients.

Cooperation with a large number of insurance companies, as well as making profitable offers for each customer with an individual approach and support.

Highly qualified hospice at home

Opportunities for emergency care, injections, and other procedures in case of deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Our company fully complies with all the requirements and is ready to provide the best service for a reasonable price. We have a staff of certified nurses and specialized doctors who will be able to take care of the patient, regardless of the severity of his illness.

What is the All American Nursing Center for Incapacitated Patients?

What is the All American Nursing Center for Incapacitated Patients?

All American Nursing Center has been operating on the market for more than a year, all patients leave only positive feedback. We have a large staff of nurses with dipoles, as well as other staff with experience in the specialty. We are ready to offer the following list of emergency or planned services:

  • Instruction of our patients and their relatives.
  • Treatment of wounds after injuries, the effects of diabetes, bedsores, or surgery.
  • Introduction of analgesic infections.
  • Feeding a hopeless patient through a catheter.
  • Round-the-clock health diagnostics.
  • Providing the patient with the necessary medicines.
  • Transportation of the patient for a walk, to the toilet, or for eating, carrying out procedures.
  • Dressing and washing an incapacitated person, performing sanitary and hygienic procedures.
  • Providing psychological assistance to a person in the last stages of life allows to significantly increase comfort.

Our team of professionals is always ready to help. The conclusion of the contract will take no more than 1 hour, and all services are provided only after diagnosing the patient’s condition, which allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Palliative Care at All American Nursing

One of the main areas of our work is the provision of palliative care to patients. We organize a home hospice and provide the necessary assistance to patients in the last stages of life.

We are ready to organize all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay for the patient. Before the start of care, a complete diagnosis of the body is carried out. If necessary, the person is sent for treatment to a hospital. Our nurses stay next to the patient 24/7, periodically diagnosing the patient’s condition and the dynamics of the disease.

Relatives of our patients leave only positive feedback about us, noting the special attitude of nurses to each specific situation. With our palliative care, every patient, regardless of the stage of the progressive disease, will feel like a full-fledged person.

In addition, we work with many insurance companies in Philadelphia and throughout the United States, which allows us to guarantee the lowest rates for all categories of services provided.

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