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by Community and Social Services 14 August 2021

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Over the last year and a half, many people in the UK have been working from home, and as office working starts back up, we are looking at the elements of office working the nation are looking forward to most. But do you think the work from home options always seem the most efficient way to produce maximum productivity?

When there are no other options for continuing the office in the office building, work from home options is only feasible. But do you know most nations are now starting to miss their daily office work after a decade of work-from-home options? So what are you missing most about the office?

3 Things Which The Employees Missing About The Office

What is unique about the office? When someone is asking you this question. Apart from the work atmosphere, the spontaneous thing which comes to your mind is the colleague’s meetings, chitchat, and the other office engagements and communications. The office means a whole community is waiting for you. And this is the reason they work from home. Structures are not very attractive, especially when you love your work entertainment.

Here are three essential things that the maximum number of audiences are missing when they are in work from home atmosphere.

1. The Commute

1. The Commute

According to research by Hunts Office, who surveyed 800 UK workers, the majority of office workers miss the daily commute! That’s right. The nation misses the commute – although traffic and road closures fall high on the list of annoyances, overall, the commute is a way to wind down and have some ‘you’ time.

Depending on transportation, people miss having time to listen to music, podcasts, and the radio or getting lost in a good book. Instead, the nation has found mixing work and home quite difficult to escape. When you are thinking about the office work, the whole routine from the morning starts flashing in front of your eyes. The traffic-filled roads, the car honking, car driving, everything is included in your routine. And in this busy schedule, you start forgetting everything, even your personal stress.

2. Friends And Colleagues

2. Friends And Colleagues

In the midst of the pandemic, YouGov carried out a survey that discovered that the thing UK workers miss most about the office is friends and colleagues. Many people found working from home monotonous and could go days without speaking to friends or another person outside of their household, which made people miss their work colleagues even more. 

It isn’t just seeing colleagues that workers missed but also the office gossip, which came in third as something Brits working from home miss most. The friends and the colleagues gossiping about everything is the part of your office, and that is the most precious thing about office time.

3. Buying Lunch Out

3. Buying Lunch Out

When working in the office, going out for lunch was a way to take you away from the desk and ensure a lunch break was spent socializing or taking some time for yourself, escaping the stress of the office. Yet, according to the YouGov survey, going out for lunch comes in fourth place as something people miss about office work. 

As the nation heads back to the office, we wonder what people will miss about working from home and how offices will change in the future, or will we have a newfound fondness for the office environment? 

The party and the birthday parties among the colleagues are special about the office. Whenever you plan a surprise birthday party for your colleagues, you are experiencing the most precious and happy moments of your life. Unfortunately, these sweet moments are lacking behind, and when you are going for work from home, the whole nation starts facing the entertainment about the office.

Wrapping It Up:

These three things are the most precious moments that most employees are missing about the office. And when you start taking the reviews of the employees, you will see most of the employees are not feeling good from their work from home status. And these are the main reasons behind it. So are you currently missing your office? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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