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by Management Published on: 26 April 2021 Last Updated on: 27 April 2021


GORE AG leads the real estate investment industry in terms of commercial office spaces and urban office hubs.

Offices used to be the places where “magic happened.” 99% of the companies in this world used to expect their employees to arrive at the office at a set time and stay there for a predetermined amount of time. The productivity metric for managers was the hours spent in the office on any given day.

This whole notion got thrown out the window when the pandemic started. No company on this entire planet had any sort of preparation to deal with this sort of stuff, and they all reassorted to remote work. Work hours for the employees blended into their rest hours, and the meeting turned into video calls.

How the Pandemic has Affected Normal Office Culture?

When it all started, everyone was worried about the loss of productivity that it might cause. Anyone against remote work was still skeptical.

But then everyone got proven wrong when the productivity rates increased instead of going down, which is understandable. The freedom of doing your work when you feel like it, meant that employees were actually doing their work on their own, instead of being forced to do it because of being in a physical office.

Once this realization set in, everyone classified work from home as the new norm and declared that even after the pandemic, work from home would remain as is. This would’ve been true if the fatigue from overwork and merging of work and personal life wasn’t an issue. On top of all that, any work that requires a collaborative effort is utterly decimated by video calls.

Why Offices will make a Comeback once the Pandemic is over?

So, once this is all over, people will be returning to the offices, if for nothing other than human interaction. But the post-pandemic offices would be different. There is going to be a major shift in employer perception of what their office should look like. Of course, GORE AG is already on top of this situation and has an understanding of what’s changing and what kind of office spaces are going to be needed once the world returns to normal.

One of the biggest changes would be regarding health concerns. Even if the ongoing epidemic is eradicated completely without a trace, people are still going to be hyper-aware of their health. Employers would have a constant fear of some sort of outbreak in their office space that can lead to a major disaster.

The Bottom Line:

The post-pandemic offices are going to be airy and roomier than we’re used to. Everything from employee cabins to toilet areas will have to be redesigned to make more room.

The whole office space would have to be a lot more flexible and mailable. It’ll be turned into something that can be easily adapted to fit any change that the future may bring to us. We might even see the trend of flexible hours, as remote work has proven; letting an employee work at their leisure doesn’t kill their productivity.

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