How To Pick The Right Flooring For Your New Office: Experts Recommend

by Business Planning Published on: 21 May 2021 Last Updated on: 18 August 2023

Right Flooring For Your New Office

There are different flooring options available for offices in the market. So, it can be confusing and also a daunting task to choose the right flooring for your new office. Whether tile flooring is better or you should go for hardwood or any other flooring options, this guide will help to choose the right one.

According to the experts of lvt tile, it depends on several factors to choose a certain flooring option for a particular type of office. So, you’ll learn about different types of flooring, their benefits and drawbacks, and where these floorings are ideally suited.

Choose the Right Flooring for Your New Office:

Here you will find five different types of flooring options. Below, we discuss five different types of flooring installation. Continue reading the article to discover the best flooring option for your office.



Tile is not a new flooring option, but there are multiple variants of tiles for the office. The most popular tile flooring options are marble, granite, natural stone, etc. If you are looking for cost-effective tile flooring, it’s better you choose porcelain.

Porcelain is cheaper than marble, but it provides enough hardness and is available to give a beautiful look to your floor. You will find a variety of styles with different colors, textures, and hues. Tile flooring is best for heavy traffic areas.


One of the most popular flooring options today is vinyl flooring. It’s especially suitable for rooms that are prone to moisture. It’s the option for kitchen rooms, bathrooms, and basements. Vinyl flooring is softer than tiles and easier to clean.

Vinyl floorings are available in different widths and thicknesses. Additionally, you also find self-stick tiles for your office. Remember, you need to choose vinyl flooring with high thickness so that it can bear more traffic.


You can go for a green flooring option that is cork. It offers a soft and non-slippery floor suitable for kitchens or bathrooms, or wet areas. Unlike other hard flooring options such as concrete and tile, it gives you a cushiony feel to your foot.

Another benefit of this flooring is it absorbs sound and vibration, making it unique from other flooring options. You will find different levels of finishing off the cork floorings. So, you can choose which best suits your needs.


Most people prefer the traditional flooring options that are hardwood. Since it offers warm, natural, and good durability, many owners want to use hardwood for their office. Oak is one of the most famous for hardwood flooring. However, there are also other options such as cherry and imported woods.

There are various flooring styles available in hardwood. The best thing about hardwood flooring is you can install it on your own by choosing prefinished boards, planks, and parquet. Hardwoods can be expensive, especially if they are made from imported woods such as Brazilian cherry.



Bamboo flooring is a great alternative for wood. Since it’s made from a regenerating plant that has a lightweight and good tensile strength, it provides good durability. Apart from that, it also has a high durability with no problem of swelling or contracting during humidity.

Bamboo flooring, like hardwood flooring, comes pre-finished. Bamboo is grown in a regulated environment and takes three to five years to achieve full maturity, which is significantly less time than hardwoods.

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, you have explored different types of flooring, where they are ideally suited, their pros and cons. Now, you can make an informed decision based on your requirement. Share this article with your friends who want to start their new office. Lastly, please don’t hesitate to share which flooring option you choose for your office in the comments section.

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