7 Things to Do During Black History Month

by Community and Social Services 02 March 2022

Black History Month

Most of us would agree that Black history is relevant all year long. But February being Black History Month provides a great time for couples and families to dig deeper, learn more, and find ways to support their Black communities.

If you and your significant other are looking for ways to meet Black couple goals, take a look at these activities you can share and enjoy together.

7 Things to Do During Black History Month

7 Things to Do During Black History Month

Looking for fun things to do as a couple that celebrates and supports Black history and culture? Take a look at these 7 ideas.

1. Cook with Culture

A great way to spend time together and celebrate Black culture is spending time in the kitchen. Cooking with culture could mean cooking soul food, embracing classically African American recipes, or pulling out family heirloom recipes from your own shelves. Think about the history and culture of certain foods, ingredients, and recipes, and pull that culture into your kitchen.

2. Celebrate a Black Author

Create your own at-home book club by choosing a book you and your significant other can read and then share. Whether you listen to an audiobook together or read the book on your own, you can then discuss the book and related ideas. Celebrate a Black author like Tayari Jones, Ralph Ellison, Maya Angelou, or Michelle Obama. Whether you enjoy fiction, biographies, or nonfiction historical accounts, there are plenty of Black authors worth reading.

3. Check Out a Museum

Visiting a museum is a great date activity. During Black History Month, why not celebrate and support the Black community by visiting museums that support Black history? On your date, visit a local museum or two, then head out to lunch at a local Black-owned restaurant. RankTribe.com has a list of Black-owned restaurants by state.

4. Expand Your Music List

Another great way to support Black history and culture is by supporting Black musicians. Whether at home cooking or cleaning, in the car, at work, or while out on a date, check out some new music by Black artists. Music is deeply rooted in Black history, so this is a great opportunity to check out Black artists on platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Sirius XM.

5. Read Black History Books with Your Kids

Make learning more about Black history and culture a family affair. Check out some books related to Black history from your local library and read them as a family. Then, you can discuss the books and how they influence culture and society. From biographies to poetry to stories about kids standing up for Civil Rights – there are plenty of family-friendly book options to choose from.

6. Plan Student Activities

If you and/or your significant other are teachers, Black History Month is a great time to provide simple lessons and fun activities related to Black history. Scholastic has a great section of Black History Month activities, and many museums are offering virtual events. You can also decorate your classroom featuring culturally-relevant items you and your students can discuss.

7. Volunteer

There are plenty of ways to support Civil Rights and Black history, many of them right in our communities. Why not take some time to volunteer locally in support of social justice or Civil Rights? Volunteering together can be a great way to bond and spend time together.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you and your significant other can spend time together and celebrate Black History Month. You don’t have to go far – and in some cases, you don’t have to go anywhere at all. What matters is that you are learning and growing and finding ways to build and support your community in a meaningful way.

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