Guide to Complying with Safety Training in the Workplace

by Management 04 October 2019

safety training

The United States Department of Labor requires private sector employers and workers to undergo industry-standard training, outreach, assistance, and education to maintain a safe and healthful workplace.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 or OSHA, employers must keep their workplace safe and free of hazards by enforcing standards through a series of employee training. OSHA covers all 50 states and territories, and failure to comply with the regulation can lead to massive fines up to $70,000.

If you have a business in the Houston area, contact an OSHA compliance solutions partner for safety training Houston, and avoid serious violations.

What are the Training Requirements? 

OSHA specifically states that no person shall be injured, become ill, or die for a paycheck. Employers have the responsibility for their employees, and protection comes with proper training and education.

Different industries require distinct training requirements based on the job. For general industries, workers must have complete information about the job and the risks involved. Chemical hazards, as well as necessary safety information, must be provided by the employer.

Emergency actions or response, fire prevention plans, management, and handling of equipment are part of the training. The workers also need to learn the classification of the unknown materials and learn primary control over a protective unit.

How to Comply with OSHA Standards

As employers, the first thing you want to do is to contact safety training Houston specialist to seek information about the general OSHA compliance applicable to your industry. The specialist can guide you throughout the job safety and health compliance services.

In addition to working with specialists, employers can also review OSHA’s training resources page to discuss requirements and learn about the 10-hour and 30-hour cards for workers.

Employee Rights Under OSHA 

The role of OSHA is not just to follow a safety standard in different workplaces but to also protect employees from unjust work practices of employers. Under OSHA, violating any of the following conditions gives employees the right to file a complaint:

  • Undergo training in a language employees understand
  • Be protected from hazardous or toxic chemicals
  • Given safety-gears to perform jobs
  • Get copies of test results and medical records after an injury or illness
  • Request an OSHA inspection

Also, employers who illegally fire, demote, or transfer an employee against their will and rights can face severe penalties set by the labor department.

Fines Under OSHA 

Maximum penalty amounts are issued to employers who violate the rights of their employees under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

The penalty for severe posting requirements is $13,260 per violation. Failure to abate with the regulation also calls for the same penalty amount. For employers who consistently show records of willful and repeated violations can face up to $132,598 penalty per violation.

Safety must always be a priority in any workplace. Because employees are considered liabilities of employers, the need to comply with the regulations is a must. Refer to this guide to comply with safety training procedures under OSHA.

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