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by Small Business Published on: 24 December 2020 Last Updated on: 05 January 2023

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One of the critical recommendations when working from home is to have a home office. At first, you may just put up a basic chair and table setting, but you will need to upgrade over time to increase efficiency. Developing your office into a functional space is a demanding task. It is often hard to prioritize the supplies you need to make your office work more manageable. Office supplies are quite costly to acquire. Thus, you must develop a list of the necessary things to keep you on budget. Home office supplies you get should serve you for a long time. Some of the items that should make the top of your list include;


Offices are incorporating electronics in a move to increase efficiency. Paper use is decreasing tremendously. Thus, you may need to have devices like a printer, scanner, shredder, and projectors. Despite the move to digital, you always need hard copies for record-keeping purposes. Thus, it would be best to have a printer to make copies of those invoices or other important documents. If you need to create copies of a document and still retain the original, you will need a copier. A shredder is necessary when you are dealing with sensitive information. The electronic shreds papers into small incomprehensible pieces.

Appropriate Software

Having a computer is not sufficient. It would help if you had appropriate software to run it. Any office’s necessary software is Microsoft Windows or any other software that works as an operating system. Software and programs allow you to send e-mails, create soft copy documents, ensure your document’s safety, manage your team remotely, among other activities. There is numerous software to pick from and at affordable prices. Start with those that you need the most such as virus protection or software specific to your profession like AutoCAD for Architects. Later on, you can acquire secondary software like contact management and inventory management.



Office furniture is not traditional house furniture. Maybe it’s time to throw out that dining chair and get an ergonomic chair that has a backrest. The furniture at the office affects the comfort levels while working. Using the wrong furniture like high tables or the wrong chair may lead to tiredness or health problems like spine issues. You can have chairs and tables whose height is adjustable. Cabinets are also essential furniture as they aid in the organization of the space. The type of furniture supplies you choose defines the style of the area.


You always need to write something by hand despite how digital your space is. Thus, you need supplies like paper, folders, pens, writing boards, highlighters, etc. Papers have a range of uses, such as printing. You can get the primary A4 sized papers for a start. Files and folders come in handy for storage purposes. Instead of letting your papers lying around, you could insert them in a file and place them in a specific cabinet. This ensures the documents are safe, and the retrieval process is easy. Folders and files also help in maintaining an organized and neat office.


Apart from the computer software, you will need apps for activities like scheduling, tacking payments, keeping up with a work blog or website, monitoring your social platforms, etc. Such applications are easily accessible through your mobile phone or tablet. This helps you manage your business from any location at any time. Apps are readily available from the Google play store or the Apple store, depending on your devices’ operating system. Most applications that offer these services require a small payment, annually or monthly.

Building your own working space is fun. You get to reflect all your needs and tastes in that space to create the perfect functional nook. Do not rush to buy all the office supplies at once. Start small and build up over time. Also, ensure you invest in the quality of the supplies to ensure longevity. You do not want to replace your office chairs or tables every few months.

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