5 ways a staff uniform can make your business more profitable

by Business Development Published on: 29 November 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

a staff uniform

A staff uniform doesn’t just help give a business an identity and reaffirm its brand. There are many benefits to having your employees wear one, especially when it comes to helping to make your business more profitable. Below are five ways having a staff uniform can be a good investment for your company.

Motivate employees

For many people, having a job isn’t just about having money in the bank. It’s about having value and a purpose. A uniform can help with this. If you provide your staff with a high-quality uniform, like a specialist such as Simon Jersey, they can feel important and feel valued, which can help make them care about the work they do. Wearing a uniform can also help staff feel more confident and give them a sense of pride when they put it on. This can encourage them to have more of a positive attitude towards their work and their role, which can motivate them to work harder and better their daily performance.

Enhance teamwork

Teamwork is a big part of what makes a business work effectively. How well staff work together can affect anything from morale to daily production. A uniform can emphasize the importance of teamwork as all staff wear the same clothing and can feel part of a larger unit. Visually, no one is singled out and everyone looks the same. This can encourage employees to want the best for their team, and pull together to work harder for each other. In turn, this can help foster team spirit, improve company morale, and, over time, improve business productivity and profits.

Improve staff longevity

In addition to helping your staff feel valued at work, wearing a uniform can give them a sense of belonging and feel safe and secure in their job. Over time, this can help them build loyalty towards your business, which can mean they’ll want to remain an employee of your company for longer. Rather than think about moving jobs to another company in the near future, a more loyal employee is more likely to want to stay to help develop their skills and career and do more to help you and build up your brand. This means you can end up with a greater number of highly skilled staff working in your company for the long-term, saving you money on recruitment costs in the process.

Improve customer relationships

A uniform can make your staff easier to identify and approach, whether you have customers browsing in your shop or a potential client visiting your premises to inquire about your business. If your business is public facing and your staff wears a uniform, customers can know who to speak to if they need help or have a query. It can also create a positive image of your company from a customer’s point of view, such as emphasizing its professionalism and the idea that’s it’s trustworthy. This can help customers build a line of trust with your business and make them feel safe and in good hands. With all this in mind, they are more likely to keep using your services and less likely to go to the competition, helping you to retain your customer base too.

Advertise your company

Finally, a uniform can act as a cost-effective way to advertise, market and promote your company brand. Marketing doesn’t come cheap in business, but a uniform’s brand colors and logo, for instance, can act as a form of free and effective advertising. Whether your staff are seen on public transport during their commute to work or are networking at a business event, your uniform can make your company stand out from your competitors and put your brand front of mind to a whole new audience. This can help to generate more interest in your business, all while creating another opportunity to increase your revenue and company profits too.

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