Will All Military Families Receive Compensation From Water Contamination?

by Community and Social Services 15 September 2022

military families

With the discovery of more and more military bases and surrounding communities affected by on-base water contamination, there are many people who are wondering whether illnesses in their families that can easily be attributed to water contamination will ever be compensated.

Keep reading to see how likely it will be that all qualifying service members and their families receive compensation for illnesses and complications related to on-base water contamination.

Starting With Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune is a marine base that has had an act signed into law, relating to compensating the marines and families who qualify. The water at Camp Lejeune had been contaminated for decades, and long-term exposure to the water on base has resulted in a lot of different cancers and fertility issues.

For more information about Camp Lejeune, you can search the act itself, or if you believe you would meet the requirements, you can search for a law office that is taking on the water contamination claims for this specific situation. Bear in mind that, though you can file a claim, you may not see compensation for months.

Though it is good that those affected by Camp Lejeune are on the way to getting compensation, there are a lot of military members and families who are in similar or identical situations who have not even been told that they were living on a base that was affected by water contamination.

Many of these families have tried to get in contact with various government entities such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but they have not had much luck in getting a direct response. As of now, there are no other known laws like the one related to Camp Lejeune.

Petition Sites Try to Take Action


There are petition sites that are trying to work with those who have suffered illnesses related to on-base water contamination, especially where PFAS are concerned. They usually have lists of the bases that they know have PFAS in the water, and there are a lot of them.

To find the paperwork, people can go to the petition sites and look for the specific page. If they feel that they meet the qualifications listed on the page, they are welcome to fill out the form and see where it goes.

What Individuals Can Do

If people are still finding that they can not find assistance, there is always the option of building their case on your own. The research alone might take months to years, depending on the nature of their situation and how easy it is to access the documents they might need.

Even if they do succeed in finding what they need and getting the case before a judge, they may find that they will not receive compensation.

As of now, it is uncertain as to whether all qualifying military families will receive compensation for on-base water contamination. Keep this article in mind and watch out for more acts as time passes. 

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