Sustainable Living Benefits You Need To Consider

by Community and Social Services Published on: 01 October 2022 Last Updated on: 19 October 2022

Sustainable Living

More than 7.2 million tonnes of solid waste were generated in Singapore in 2019. 2.95 million tonnes of that amount could not be recycled. About 930 million kg of plastic waste must be discarded annually, with 96% being non-recyclable. Singaporeans directly contribute to waste generation and proactively play a role in minimizing trash. They practice the 3 Rs, i.e., Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Sustainable living is a daily challenge to most of us. Fortunately, individuals devoted to living a sustainable lifestyle can reap benefits.

Explore the five benefits of sustainable living in your personal life and remain committed to this worthwhile objective.

1. Enhance Your Health

The condition of your environment affects your mental health. The United Nations Environment Programme states that air pollution and mental illness are linked. In addition to causing physical harm, living in locations with high air pollution may increase the risk of dementia, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Your Health

Live to adopt a sustainable lifestyle to enhance your mental health. Whether you spend more time in regions with fresh air, encourage responsible environmental management in your local community, or commit to lowering your air pollution, these little actions can significantly influence your and your neighbors’ mental health.

Choosing eco-friendly products for food, cosmetics, furniture, clothing, etc., has the added benefit of making you and your family healthier. Typically, what is harmful to the environment is also terrible for humans.

2. Reduce Your Landfill Contribution

Landfills are polluted sites that can impair the local air and water quality. Plastic liners and other efforts to minimize environmental pollution, but there is historical evidence of landfills leaking into groundwater and negatively impacting the local environment.

 Landfill Contribution

Personal sustainability practices can reduce the amount of a local landfill. You can rest easy knowing that you are helping to reduce the need for these dispersed sites across the country.

3. Support Fair Trade in Your Community

As a consumer, you can support local businesses that fight for industry sustainability. Give back to your neighbors and community members by patronizing local small businesses and Fair-Trade goods.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is an initiative to introduce fair wage standards and labor rights to employees in regions where they may not exist. Sustainability is not limited to your local community; your daily shopping habits can contribute to sustainable living around the world.

4. Safeguard Biodiversity

By planting a community garden, you can increase the local biodiversity. This not only feeds you and your neighbor’s fresh produce, but it also protects animal passages.


Typically, urban and suburban environments destroy the green spaces required to sustain local animals. Local flora and animals require green places for nesting, burrowing, and foraging.

5. Save on Bills

Consider energy-efficient housing choices to save money and live a sustainable lifestyle. Numerous current technologies can lower your usage of electricity and fuel. Consider implementing one of the following technologies to save money and reduce the usage of nonrenewable resources:

bills saving
  • Solar energy systems
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • Biogas recovery techniques

Continue to advocate for sustainable living. Some suggestions can be implemented immediately, while others demand a long-term commitment. Everything Sustainable provides the latest news and information regarding the environment. Enjoy these advantages as you search for other strategies to safeguard the environment and minimize unsustainable personal practices.


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