Florida Workers Compensation Facts

by Legal 23 March 2022

Florida Workers Compensation

Getting an injury at work might be something you would’ve never thought can happen. Believe it or not, it is more common than you think, and it can have a huge impact on your health and your spending.

This is where workers’ compensation comes in to ease the stress and basically make life easier for you. You might not know where to start when you get an injury at work. Even though many documents and paperwork are required, the outcome will be worth it.

Below are some facts regarding this compensation that way you have a little bit more knowledge on how it works and where you need to get started.

Getting an Injury on the Job

Getting an Injury on the Job

Depending on where you are employed and what insurance you have, the insurance company will choose the doctor you need to visit to be covered. Many workers are surprised to hear that they can’t choose the doctor they want to go to. Don’t be worried though because the insurance company will be sure to select a doctor that is qualified and educated to treat your specific needs.

It is also very important to report any injuries that happen during work to your employer as soon as possible because there is most likely a deadline, and you don’t know how long that can be.

In Florida, one must report their injury within 30 days of the day it happened to be qualified for workers’ compensation. I would not wait for the 30 days, because they might require additional information, and then it becomes too late. This is the first step that must be done and the most important one as well.

Report Your Injuries

You might be thinking if you report your injury, maybe they might cut your pay or fire you. That is considered as reprisal which can look bad for the company.

Another reason can be because an injury might not seem that serious and you probably think you will not get anything for it; you are wrong. This mistake happens often but no matter how minor or how serious it is, always say something. So again, when injured be sure to report it and don’t stay quiet.

If you already went to the doctor the employer’s insurance chose and you want to get a second opinion from another doctor, you can do so. Informing your employer is highly recommended and you must provide a doctor’s note from the first visit. Keep in mind in doing this, you might have to pay out of pocket for that second visit as it is most likely not included in the compensation plan.

Put in Your Claim

Put in Your Claim

Keep in mind if you put a claim with Florida’s Workers Compensation, you are not allowed to sue the company. You can, however, take to court the third party that helped cause your injury. For instance, if you are going down the stairs, and the rail breaks, you can technically file a claim against the manufacturer of those rails.

People usually get mixed up between Workers’ Compensation and Health Insurance. The difference between the 2 are as follows:

  • Workers Compensation – is a type of insurance that the Company uses to pay the expenses of the employees when injured at the job.
  • Health Insurance – covers visits to your primary doctor for annual checkups that can either be doctors or dentists.

Having Worker’s Compensation not only helps with injury coverage, but it will also help cover other expenses such as prescriptions and treatments. It is important to distinguish both that way in the future if anything does happen, you can avoid any denial or refund situations.

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