What Is Feetfinder? Is It Safe To Sell Feet Pictures On Feetfinder?

by social media 14 November 2023


You have to be an alien on earth to not know about foot fetish. And when you know that 15% to 19% of people on the planet have a foot fetish, you do not just keep the knowledge as knowledge. You head over to a platform like Feet Finder. 

Knowledge is power only when you use it – just like your feet – you can make money off your feet only if you are willing to sell pictures of them. 

This might sound and feel weird at the get-go. But when you get down to it, it is way better than other infamous ways of making money online (trust me). If you are deciding to make money off of selling feet pictures, then Fleetfinder is an excellent platform for the same.

Of course, there are countless other platforms. But this OG platform has a few things you must know before you use it. 

What Is Feetfinder?

What Is Feetfinder

People usually head over to platforms like Onlyfans to make money by selling foot pictures. But if you are looking for a more niche platform that craves feet pictures, then Fleetfinder is the one you must focus on. Of course, you can take your own route and make your own way of selling feet pictures. 

But, a more strategized way would be creating the right type of content at the right quantity and selling them on the right platform. There are tons of other platforms like Dollar Feet, Instafeet, OnlyFans, FunwithFeet, Instafeet, and more. 

But Feetfinder, being the good old platform in the industry, can be your go-to selling platform. But how does one make money by selling feet pictures? Keep reading to find out.

Selling Feet Pics: Different Ways To Make Money On Feetfinder?

Different Ways To Make Money On Feetfinder

Here is how to make money on Feetfinder by selling feet pictures. 

  1. One of the most conventional ways of making money on this platform is through an album. You simply have to create an album full of your feet pictures and upload it on Feetfinder for people to buy. You can add a price tag to the feet pictures you have uploaded on the platform. If people are interested in buying the pictures from you, then they can pay you the price and buy the images. 
  2. Uploading and selling your feet pictures on Feetfinder is not the only way of making money on the platform. You can make money from paid subscriptions as well. Some of your customers may take a liking to your content. As a recurring audience, they might be willing to come back to your profile for brand-new content. For this, you can create a monthly subscription that your audience has to pay to view new content from you. 
  3. This one is almost like Onlyfans or a YouTube livestream. Your audience can tip you on Feetfinder. 
  4. One of the most popular ways of making money on Feetfinder is through custom offers. This is a familiar method for earning for people already on Feetfinder. The audience makes custom offers for the content creators, and the creators fulfill those offers to make money. Not only will you sell pictures, but you will also sell videos as per your customer’s requests. Creators usually charge around $100 to $400 for custom requests. 

How To Start Making Money On Feetfinder?

How To Start Making Money On Feetfinder

No, I don’t want to tell you a few steps and be done with it. We are talking about legit ways of making money on the platform. When you want to start selling, you have to make a good impression. 

That is why it is important to set up an impressive account. How does one do that? Well, you have to upload a few pictures of yourself – your face, feet, and body. Once you have an impressive account set up, you are ready to start selling. 

Now, for the step-by-step guide for getting started, follow the points below –

  • You have to sign up as a creator on Feetfinder. 
  • Then there is a verification process. This process is to ensure that you are not scamming the buyers. As a verified creator, you have the chance to grab the most number of high-paying customers. When you are verified, you are ready to start selling feet pictures on Feetfinder. 
  • Now, you can create an album of your content. This album will contain your feet pictures and videos. This hoasted album is capable of being purchased multiple times. 
  • As I said earlier, you can also start a subscription-based channel on the platform (just like Onlyfans).

Is Feetfinder Worth It?

In other words, “Is Feetfinder Legit?” Well, this is a pretty important question to ask. Here is the good news – this platform is completely legit and worth it. Feetfinder income reviews suggest that some creators have made around $90000 by selling their feet pictures. 

Do not worry if you are a creator from outside the US. They handle the payment for creators abroad using Paxum. Segpay, on the other hand, manages the payment. Users are protected from Chargebacks. Even if someone makes a second account to opt for chargebacks, they cannot make a second purchase. 

Most creators on platforms like Onlyfans Fansly face issues with chargebacks. But on Feetfinder, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Why Sell Feet Pictures On Feetfinder?

Why Sell Feet Pictures On Feetfinder

So, why would you sell your feet pictures on this platform? Here are the reasons why –

  • There are multiple ways of making money. You can sell your albums and also make money through subscription models. You won’t find this feature on other platforms. 
  • Onlyfans and other platforms like Patreon are for all sorts of content. But if you are thinking of selling cute feet pictures, then Feetfinder is the best. It is a niche platform that will get you more subscribers joining every day. 
  • Fans will discover you easily and daily. 
  • Most importantly, there are millions of fans waiting on the platforms. 
  • You will sell both feet pics and videos – a great opportunity, don’t you think? 

Is FeetFinder Safe?

There are not too many cons when it comes to using this platform. But you will be charged with 20% of the transaction fees. Since it is common with most of the platforms, I guess it is not much of a con. If you are concerned about the safety of the website, then rest assured it is completely safe. 

The platform is approved by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. They are very serious about the data privacy of the users. You do not have to deal with fake buyers. Only the verified buyers who pass the age restriction will be able to purchase and view your content. So, should you sell your feet pics on FeetFinder? Absolutely!. Go ahead and start your little online business right away.

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