Personal Protective Equipment: Ensuring Employee Compliance for a Safer Workplace

by Management Published on: 31 March 2017 Last Updated on: 20 August 2021

personal protective equipment

Your company can have all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that you need, but it will all do no good if you can’t get your employees to comply with personal safety rules. This can be a challenging task, but there are things you can do to ensure that your employees stay compliant.

Work gloves are not only a safety requirement in working laws and employment conditions, but they can also help businesses prevent lengthy insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. By working with a great manufacturer like, businesses can exhibit care towards their workforce, as well as save themselves from financial damages.

Making sure everyone is compliant with personal safety is essential to any good business. If they are not compliant, they risk injury or, in some lines of work, death if they fail to do things properly. As a business owner or manager, it is your job to let your employees know about the importance of using personal protection in the workplace. Here are a few things you can do to make sure they get the message.

Establish a Consistent Policy:

As with most policies around the workplace, you need to make sure that you are consistent in your (PPE) policies. You probably wouldn’t let an employee who was constantly late slide without punishment, so you need to follow through with personal protection policies as well.

Make sure that there is signage posted in every area that requires the use of PPE: this will give the employees a constant reminder that PPE is important and necessary. You can also have periodic meetings about the issue of PPE, more frequently than not for those industries where severe injuries can result from a failure to comply with yours or governmental safety policies.

Finally, don’t let employees get away with ignoring the policies. Establish a punishment that is fair but shows the severity with you take PPE. This will help deter others from noncompliance in the future.

Always Have the Correct PPE Available:

Part of staying compliant with PPE policies is making sure that your employees never run out of the necessary equipment to protect themselves.

Keeping up with stock is an all-important job: you don’t want to have an employee ready to do a dangerous job only to find out you are out of the proper equipment. Establish a routine of checking and stocking all of your PPE. Companies like RS Components make it easy to order and reorder products that keep your employees compliant. This way, you will always have the necessary PPE on hand.

Ask Employees for Their Opinion:

You should always be seeking ways to make PPE compliance easier. This will ensure that your employees have the least amount of obstacles to compliance, and one of the best ways to get new ideas is to ask them their opinions on the matter.

Your employees face tasks every day that you may not fully understand, so they can give you important insight into compliance policies that you or your supervisors may never think of. PPE discussions at regular intervals can help everyone stay compliant and keep everyone safe on the job.

Staying PPE compliant is an important part of running a company, so you need to do everything you can to make it easy for your employees to do so.

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