4 Ways Office Automation Helps Employees Stay Productive

by Business Development Published on: 12 July 2017 Last Updated on: 19 June 2021

In this day and age, businesses are evolving rapidly because of technology. Productivity can now be measured by advanced software and all sorts of metrics. As such, businesses need to be able to track their employees and align each of them according to their respective goals. Fortunately, through office automation, not only is it possible to keep employees productive, it is also possible to use technology to boost their productivity.

Here are 4 ways office automation helps employees stay productive

Virtually Connects Employees Within The Company

Using office automation software, employees can get in touch with the many stakeholders across their organization. This eliminates the amount of time spent on searching for process owners, suppliers, clients, and staff. With the click of a mouse, everyone within a company and even customers outside said company can access a centralized directory as well as a variety of training tools and resources.

Effective Time Management Through Smart Machines

What is a smart machine?

A smart machines is a piece of office equipment that can be accessed through an Internet connection. When employees are equipped with smart machines, they can remotely access each machine from the convenience of their desks, which can save a lot of time and eliminate the back-and-forth of walking from machine to machine.


Think of a branded smart printer (like the ones distributed by JJ Bender, which can be remotely accessed by an employee because of a LAN connection. Without leaving his cube, the employee can remotely print a document and pick it up once it’s ready. Moreover, gone are the days when you have to scan a document and save it in a flash drive to transfer it to your PC. With smart printers, you can directly email the document once you’ve finished scanning.


If you’re looking for high quality used printers for your office, you can check out JJBender.com for a wide range of branded printers you can choose from.

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Accurately Monitor Business Performance

The great thing about office automation is its ability to measure performance. Through business productivity software, managers can easily monitor and track the progress of every process. Problems and concerns that were formerly difficult to point out, let alone manage, are not much easier to solve.

Eliminates Manual Tasks

Any manual process has a high risk of error due to inconsistent controls and simple human mistakes. To reduce these errors, companies across the globe are using machines to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks. Simple work like managing inventory, keeping track of suppliers, and tracking deliveries can now be done with the click of a button.


Developments in technology have indeed helped employees become more productive. Through office automation, employees can now focus on thinking and strategizing instead of wasting precious hours doing clerical work. Moreover, companies can now track each person’s performance according to their respective KPIs. Not only will this help businesses become more productive, it also helps reduce the stress and workload on its employees.

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