How to Create a Strong Brand Identity for Your Small Business

by Small Business Published on: 14 June 2021 Last Updated on: 10 March 2023

Strong Brand Identity

Once a business is up and running, a business owner might want to start investing in turning their business into a recognizable brand.

To compete with other businesses, businesses need to create an emotional connection with their audiences through marketing, messaging, and engagement.  A powerful brand is a crucial asset whose benefits can be felt almost immediately. Below, we will look at what small business owners need to know to start building their brands.

Do Your Research:

Do Your Research:

It is almost impossible to create a brand that resonates with your customers if you do not understand what they need. The best place to start is by researching your customers to help you create customer personas. These personas will help you understand customer needs, likes, dislikes, values, and more.

Also, do not forget to do competitive research to find out how your competitors have positioned themselves to attract the customers you are trying to attract.

Create Unifying Brand Assets:Create Unifying Brand Assets:

Once you are done with the research, it is time to start thinking about how your business will be represented visually. This is usually done through the creation of branding assets. These assets include your logo, the color pallets your business will use, iconography, typography, marketing graphics and photography, style guides for websites and other online platforms.

When building your brand assets, you need to ensure they are clear enough to pass your brand message without forcing your customers to try to figure it out.

Next, you need to use the style guide created to ensure consistent messaging between different messaging platforms such as your social media, ads, and offline platforms like billboards. Lastly, you need to be consistent. Understanding that branding takes time is very important as it stops you from being discouraged and changing directions before you have given time for your strategies to start working.

Branding goes beyond logos and fonts; image style also plays an important role. To maintain a consistent look across your images, you should use the same color palette, background, and layout. Background removal tools let you quickly and easily extract subjects from their backgrounds without requiring manual editing. You can learn more on that here. Additionally, or for extra flare, consider adding text overlays or graphic elements to some of your photos that can help reinforce your brand’s message. By creating a recognizable visual style through your images, you can create a more powerful connection with customers, which will have significant positive impacts on your business in the long run

Having unifying brand assets as well as consistent messaging helps build a strong brand that builds loyalty and trust. These assets can then be used in your marketing campaigns.

Define a Brand Story:

Define a Brand Story:

You can strengthen your brand identity by creating a brand story. The brand story tells customers who you are and why they should care about your business. It should let customers know what the brand believes in, what pain points your products and services seek to eliminate, how your business will do this, why customers should trust your business to do this, and the vision you have for your business.

A strong digital marketing campaign can help you get your message out by making your brand story a priority in your initial campaigns. Although there are additional reasons for startups to have a digital strategy, using your marketing channels to let people know what your business is and why it exists is a great reason.


Creating a strong brand is key to success. You want people to think of your business when they think about the products and services you provide. Building a strong brand is also a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, especially if you have a strong or interesting brand story.

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