Magento 2 upgrade: What differentiates it from the Magento 1

by Ecommerce 19 August 2021

Magento 2 upgrade

Magento 2 is the upgraded and advanced version of Magento 1,  launched in 2015. The idea behind offering this new variant was to address the glitches and complaints that users had with the 1.0 version.

Although Magento had explicitly specified the upgrades and how they benefit the users, most existing merchants, who once were headed on looking for developing B2B company with help of Magento, were reluctant to leave the first platform.

But after the withdrawal of the backend support for Magento 1, users are curious to know everything Magento 2 has to offer! The biggest question here remains the same, how does Magento 2 upgrade service differentiate the previous one? Let us find out!

Magento 1.0 vs Magento 2.0: List of All The Differences

Magento 1.0 vs Magento 2.0: List of All The Differences

Magento has brought a complete change in the second version. Starting from the pricing to better SEO integration, one gets all the required upgrades. But what must concern the existing merchants is the migration process. It is not a one-day task! One needs to take the help of an expert migration service provider like Growisto to get the job done. The firm offers end-to-end assistance and support to get the existing online store on Magento 2. But first, let us look at the differences.

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Architectural Improvement: Notable Differences

Magento 1 was receiving a lot of complaints from users regarding its reduced speed and glitches in complex websites. Considering the same, Magento has given a complete makeover to the 2.0 version of its platform. The significant changes include:

  • Magento 2 incorporates an upgraded version of stack technology with new technologies like Composer, Apache, Nginx 1.7, and Symphony.
  • Magento 2 supports the functions of the latest PHP versions, starting from PHP 5.5x to PHP 7. This change has enhanced the speed of websites significantly.
  • It includes MySQL Percona 5.6.x or greater, Redis 2.x / 3.x or Memcached 1.4.x, and Varnish 3.x / 4.x.
  • It also supports HTML 5, which has improved the performance of the platform.

Performance & Speed: Increased Superiority

The speed and performance comparison of Magento 1 and 2 has given the edge to the second version. The superiority of the Magento 2 upgrade service is impressive. The loading time is faster, and the performance is smooth even with complex extensions.

  • The full-page caching integration in Magento 2 has yielded positive results. This feature is available in both Enterprise Edition and Community.
  • Magento has a 52% faster add-to-cart action, while the browsing scenario is also 25% faster.
  • Magento 2 has proven to give a 39% faster-processing speed for all orders per hour.
  • The server response time for add-to-cart action has also increased by 66% than the usual speed on Magento 2.

These stats reflect the improvements made in the new version that will help online businesses to build fast and impactful websites. One should lookout for the best service provider to set up a website on this platform.

Security & SEO: Highly Developed

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) speed and efficiency were a point of concern in Magento 1. Although the security was fairly fine, Magento 2 has shown significant improvement in that area too. Unlike Shopify SEO features, Magento 2 implements Canonical tags, Meta description, and title features to enhance SEO performance. This Magento 2 upgrade service is worth the mention.

Extensions: Enhanced Compatibility

Magento 1 had major issues when it came to extensions, especially in complex settings. In that program, two or more extensions could rewrite the same functionality or override one another. Magento 2 has fixed this problem by ensuring that multiple extensions overlap one another to work together instead of overriding commands.

Frontend & Dashboard: User-Friendly Setup

Magento 2 has a simplified dashboard with numerous frontend settings available to customize the layout. The intention was to make the settings more user-friendly and remove the possible glitches. Magento 2 sports a comprehensive dashboard that shows last orders, top search terms, lifetime sales, revenue tax, average orders, and more. The admin panel is also convenient to use in the latest version.

Themes & Designs: New Exciting Variants

Magento 2 introduces Luma and other exciting themes and designing options to help users create unique layouts for their online stores. One can also take the help of the Magento 2 upgrade service provider to increase the impact of these themes or customize them as per one’s need.

Pricing: Worth Its Valuation

The pricing of Magento 2 is a bit higher than the previous version, as any upgrade is expected to be. One may find different prices in different countries. But the price is reasonable and worth the expense. Therefore, it is better to contact a well-known service provider for the same.

All these changes have opened doors to numerous possibilities for businesses to build their online stores. Existing users and new customers should all take the benefits of the Magento 2 upgrade service. Use the expertise of technical teams that know how to make the most of Magento resources!

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