How is Magento Winning The E-commerce War with Its Easy Design and Layout Options?

by Ecommerce Published on: 19 September 2017 Last Updated on: 19 August 2021

Ecommerce with Magento

An online store undoubtedly increases your reach as a brand. Even if you own a multi-vendor store, your chances of surviving the rush are better if you make your online presence more prominent. About 69% of Americans with smartphones and access to the internet have already shopped online. Your online customers will only return to your store if they have a great shopping experience with you.

Creating an online store is not a one-day event. You need a considerable amount of time and effort to build one. If you are not a huge fan of coding, Magento enterprise is an excellent way to shape your dream. Magento directly increases your chances of survival in the cutthroat world of online e-commerce competition. It is ideal for both B2B and B2C business models in 2017. The innovations in the fields of Magento core codes and the extensions make it possible to create any type of e-commerce store with minimum fuss.

Did you know?

Over 300+ global network solutions are behind Magento to perfect this open-source CMS platform. Over 150,000 users create a global community that is always at your disposal to power your website and solve the glitches. No matter where you are, you can always reach out to the Magento community for an instant solution to your building or CMS problems.

Magento has been evolving since 1985. Until now, there have been many massive changes in trends and building options, and they have influenced the market. Let us check out the leading trends of 2017 that are right now shaping the world of e-commerce in every way possible –

Imposing background images

It is a welcome change. Most Magento e-commerce sites can now use their product photoshoots as their backdrops. It, of course, creates a stronger impact on the users, but these images are also exceptional in driving sales. This minimal change increases the product impact manifold.

Hidden menus

Too many options on the very front page tend to distract users. Amazon is quite great, but looking at all those options can send any new e-commerce shopper on a fit. Hidden menus are welcome since they can hide much of the submenu options. You can see these options either by hovering over the menu button or by selecting the option. It avoids accumulating clutter on the webpage. The best improvement has been to include the search plugin option. Custom site search options make using hidden menus on the entire website much easier for the merchants and the users. Search options ensure that all potential customers find what they are looking for, without aimlessly roaming the site.

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Background videos to attract attention

Static experiences are the medieval history of website development. As of 2017, Magento has introduced background videos and animations. They are bound to make your websites more attractive. They cater to all audiences that are interested in exploring the buying options on your site. It creates an intuitive feeling and offers an instant visual impact.

Information blocks

The latest trend in the world of Magento includes the introduction of heavyweight information blocks. Now, heavyweight does not mean it slows down your site. It rather displays the content alongside your products. It is an excellent and stylish way to save space, yet convey all the facts that you need to show about what you are selling.

Material design

Google introduced material design options back in 2014. It has taken a good three years for the trends to catch up. Many Magento websites have already embraced card-like designs. The responsive animations and material design elements will continue well into 2017. In fact, we are expecting the effects of Material Design to touch the majority of the 250,000 merchant websites that exist today.

Mixed fonts

It is a rather quirky and new way to display all your information. The main motto is “do not be afraid to play with the fonts a little.” It will help you reduce the seriousness in the website environment and add charisma to your store stylistics. Mix and match all variants of a font family to create the hipster effect everyone desires right now. It is ideal for apparel stores, hairstyle stores, beauty, and makeup stores, and lifestyle stores. It also promises a unique design without spending a lot on possible variants of the theme.

Flat designs

Honestly speaking, flat designs have never been out of fashion. In 2017, it has come back with new vigor. Almost all popular websites including H&M use flat designs. Small file size is a great option for those sites with a high number of products. Now, small file size is suitable for loading speed. It is not the only pro for most users, but it is also amazing for Google Page Rankings.

Large screen – responsive design

Responsive design has been perfect for all businesses ever since 2013. Casting has changed the website game a lot. Smart TV technology needs to ensure that your site is responsive and HD, and has options for easy touch selection. Some Magento sites have already enjoyed a 20% increase in traffic with devices with a screen size over 1920 px.


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is the new inclusion in Magento. What is the world without memes and GIFs in 2017, honestly? It was only time before Magento picked up the trend from the social network users and young adult shoppers. The mini-video experience is something between a still picture and an Instagram Boomerang! Either way, GIF is an excellent way to keep all your customers entertained and informed.


Magento has been the choice of over 150,000-trained developers around the globe. From 2016 to 2017, Magento gained about 48,000 users. It is certainly due to the new trends and the flexibility of the CMS platforms introduced by Magento over the last few months. Right now, Magento powers over 28% of all the websites across the internet. Do not be surprised when you see a top website driven by this CMS platform. It includes over 16% of the million top sites.


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