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Automated Control Systems

Automated Control Systems are also known as ACS. It is an application of control theory for the regulation of the processes without the need for human involvement. It is used for various types of control systems for the operating equipment such as processes in factories, heat-treating, and boilers of ovens, stabilization of ships, switching of telephone network and machinery. Here Wiautomation helps to improve the functioning of controlled objects with monitoring, starting, adjusting, stopping, and finding the finest automation and robotics components.

Automated Control Systems are mainly classified according to their control objectives such as control circuits and methods of transmitting the signals. Whereas the automatic control system is a pre-defined close-loop of a control system, which requires operator action. This process assumes the normal range for the control system. The automatic control system has two process variables, and these variables are a manipulated variable and a controlled variable. Where, the manipulated variable is acted on by the control system to maintain the controlled variable within the specified range or at a specified value while the controlled variable that process variable, which maintained within a specified range or at a specified value.

Functions of Automated Control Systems:

Some important functions of automated control systems are as follows.


This is one of the most important appraisals or estimates of the process of the company, which is controlled by the automated system.


This is the second important function of the system. This process is an examination of the likeness of the measured values and desired values. It carried out in the brain of the operator.


This process is a calculated judgment that indicated how is the measured value and desired values differ and how and what the desired action should be taken.


This process is done when there is a need for any correction in the system. This is the materialization of the order for the adjustment.

How does it work?

The working process of the system is very easy; some steps of working on the system are as follows.

It should be pointed out that Automated Control Systems or ACS is highly functional heavy engineering equipment, which needs proper radiators to work efficiently and productively. According to Coxon radiators, every business owner should pay attention to the heat radiation levels to ensure that the machines do not get damaged and that the indoor unit temperature is always maintained at the right points.

First, use a measurement temperature device to measure the water temperature, which is placed on the right hand of the operator. This addition to the system has to improve accuracy. Then, instead of the manual valves, there is a special kind of valve available, which is called a control valve; this control valve is driven by compressed electricity or air. If you want to control the temperature of the device, then there is a device available, which is known as the controller. This has the functions of comparison and computation and it can give the orders to the control valve. The order connections and signals between the measurement device, controller, and control valve are transferred via wires and cables.

The hardware of the automated control system is as follows:


It is the type of equipment, which performs the functions of computation and comparison. Among these controllers, Siemens control system components are notable for their precision and reliability, offering enhanced functionality and integration capabilities in a variety of industrial settings. The actions managed by the controller will be discussed at length in the later module.


This equipment measures the system variables. This serves as the signal source in automatic control.

Control Element:

Generally, the control elements are simply as the control valves. It is a piece of equipment, which helps to perform the control action or direct influence on the process. It receives the signals from the controller and then operates the process.

Error Detector:

This device helps to determine the variable whether is under control or not, called a process variable, and other, which is above or below the desired level, is called a set point or reference value. When the process variable is below or above the setpoint then the error is generated. The controller to generate the control action then uses this error.

Benefits of Automated Control System:

  • Automated control systems have a huge number of benefits.
  • It improves the working environment of the system.
  • It helps to increase the competitiveness, profit, and sales of your business.
  • Automated Control System increases production capacity.
  • Maintain Compliance consistency.
  • It also improves factory productivity or OEE.
  • Provides High quality and safety.

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