Trends In Choosing Domain Names: What Is Relevant Now And Why

by Technology 25 September 2023

Domain Names

The exact address of a website on the Internet is essentially a long and complex chain of IP code numbers, which is quite difficult for the average user to remember.

A convenient replacement for it -domain, short address of 2-63 characters. Choosing the right domain name is not easy. After all, it represents the face of the web resource and should attract users to the site.

World Class Domains

Specialists identified a group of domains that can be called global trends.

  1. .me – indicates the address of individual blogs and resources. Quarantine measures during the epidemic of Vivid-19 have sharply increased the popularity of various forms of self-employment, and this business segment will only grow in the future, and accordingly, the demand for a domain address will
  2. .live is an indicator of the creativity and dynamism of a site. This domain is used for resources that post video and audio content. The demand for streaming and broadcasting is only growing. At the same time, the popularity of the .live domain is growing.
  3. The presence of the word “meta” in the domain name will automatically redirect the user to the expanses of the metaverse, which is just in its infancy and is already demonstrating enormous development potential.
  4. Significant advantages are demonstrated by the use of domains that include a description of the specifics of the site. For example, .photo. This domain is easy to remember and find SEO tools. There are many examples of companies increasing their turnover many times over simply by changing their address to a descriptive domain.
  5. Recently, the trend towards shortening the domain name has been gaining momentum. A short and simple name is easier to remember and reproduce for searching.
  6. One of the biggest trends of our time is ecology. This is reflected in the Internet space. is used by various resources related to the green agenda, and the demand for it is only growing.

Can buy a cheap domain name, but if the site is created for a specific purpose, it is still worth thinking carefully about the correct address.

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World Class Domains



Domain as a reflection of personality

A separate category of users is opinion leaders and bloggers. For the domain name registrar offers addresses. blog as a sign of charisma, .guru for masters of their craft, .media and .news for those working in the field of advertising and news, and .buzz for entertainment websites.

But besides bloggers, there are many users with personal preferences. Inventors promote their creations using the or .io. Business owners and charities choose the .org name. The .top domain is chosen by those who like to be visible. Mobility enthusiasts are increasingly choosing a .mobi address. The name .black is considered an indicator of style and confidence, versatility of qualities.

Nowadays you can learn anything on the Internet, from dancing to resistance music. Domain names .school, .academy, .study, .courses, .coach can be registered with various online schools, courses, and studios. These domains will point you to the resources you need.

Impossible buy a domain name, but you can rent it for a certain period of 1 year and 30-60 days with a possible extension of the time of use.

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