Keep Your Outsourced Payroll Safe!

by Technology 29 March 2018

Payroll Safe

There is lots of data phishing going on and new scam alerts are reported every day. Identity theft is also on the rise. This makes it important for you to keep any employee data safe and secure. It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that your employee records have been well kept. Here are some tips to help you ensure this.

Secure logins :

Make sure that your service provider uses safe and secure logins to access any private data about your employees. Their system should have a username and a secure password.

These logins should be changed and updated on a regular basis by all users.

Backup :

Ask the firm if they back up their data. Computers crash and viruses can corrupt data. You want to make sure that all the data that they have is secured, such that even if the one on the computer is lost, you can still access it.

Ask them how often they back up their data, and how many backups they have. Know how much information you stand to lose in case of a computer crash.

Meet the team :

It is essential that you meet the team that is working for your company. Also, find out how the firm hires and screens their employees so that you can be sure they are hiring credible persons.

Knowing that they run background checks and that they thoroughly check out their employees will give you peace of mind that someone with integrity is handling your information.

Insurance :

Legitimate service providers have insurance in case of theft or malpractice. If you have your own accountant, in case they steal from you, the most recourse you will have is to fire them or even bring charges against them. But with a reliable company like qualitas payroll processing solutions, at least you stand a chance of getting back the money lost.

Confidentiality :

You might outsource these services because you want to keep all employee information confidential from everyone in the company. If you don’t want your employees to know their co-worker’s salary, then this is a good solution.

System updates :

Ensuring that updated systems are used to manage the payroll is important. Updated software minimizes the risk of loss of data, as more secure systems are put in place. These updates should always be installed in a timely manner to avoid security breaches.

For this to happen, the company should ensure that updates are installed automatically. This reduces cases of them forgetting to install updates.

Company protocol :

It is important that there be a protocol to be followed by your business and the service provider when it comes to handling data. When this protocol is followed, data will be much more secure than if everyone is left to handle the information however they want.

For instance, have a protocol for providing information to the service provider. Employees should also know how they can send information securely to the service provider or access their information.

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