InventureX Review: 3 FAQ’s About Crowdfund Marketing

by Marketing 10 October 2018

Crowdfund Marketing

Crowdfunding, or the act of using the internet to secure multiple smaller financial backers instead of one large one, is becoming an increasingly competitive space. There’s only so many donor dollars to go around, meaning that you need to stand out if you want to generate the support you need. Thankfully, this InventureX review details a service that helps even novice crowd funders reach their goals!

InventureX has specialized in marketing crowdfunding campaigns since 2012, earning a reputation as one of the best in the industry. Their approach combines boots-on-the-ground marketing with advice at every step of the process to deliver an 86 percent success rate to their clients. Nobody else can claim that!

Here are the answers to three of the most common questions asked about InventureX!

1. Why Should I Hire A Crowdfund Marketing Service?

Managing your own crowdfunding campaign is a lot of work. You need to determine how much money you actually need, pick a platform to launch your campaign on and make sure that the right people find your profile. You also need to decide on an incentive structure, respond to any questions in a timely manner, and get your legal obligations in order. Quite frankly, it’s too much work for one person to do on their own.

InventureX takes the guesswork out of the process. They can help you determine how much money you need, ensuring that you don’t underestimate (leaving you without a product to sell) or overestimate (preventing you from reaching your stated goal). They can also help you design an incentive structure that encourages larger pledges where possible without compromising the value of smaller backers.

Most importantly, InventureX knows how to leverage social media ads to make sure that the right people see your idea. They can also manage your social media accounts so that queries are answered in a timely manner while you concentrate on other things. In short, InventureX is a one-stop shop for all your crowdfunds marketing needs!

2. What Types of Projects Can InventureX Assist With?

InventureX offers packages for any idea! They have managed campaigns seeking anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in the past, so they know how to reach multiple demographics. They have also helped companies in a variety of industries, ensuring that they have the expertise that your niche demands!

Of course, some ideas just aren’t good fits for a crowdfunding platform. The best thing to do is to contact one of the company’s friendly representatives to learn how they may be able to help you.

3. Is InventureX Legitimate?

Absolutely!, one of the most trusted websites in the cryptocurrency space, recently declared InventureX a trustworthy company in their recent review. InventureX is also supported by all the entrepreneurs they’ve helped in the past.

For example, a product called RestOn raised $175,373 after partnering with InventureX, 308 percent of their original goal. Likewise, The Peachy Printer successfully launched as the market’s first affordable 3D printer after raising $504,986 with InventureX’s help. Clearly, this is a company you can trust.

Learn More About InventureX:

If you’re interested in learning more about how InventureX helps entrepreneurs turn their visions into a reality, you can follow their blog for the latest updates. You can also visit the company on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for more information, as well as, visit their website.

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