Invent Help Review on Bringing Your Idea to Life

by Business Planning & Opportunities 25 April 2017


We’ve all had that experience when we’re doing something mundane like taking a shower or washing the dishes, and suddenly we’re hit with a flash of genius. A dishwasher that turns leftovers into instant fertilizer, a mattress that folds into a protective bunker in case of earthquakes, electromagnetic dumbbells with adjustable weights, candle holders that re-melt the candles so all you have to do is add in a fresh wick, edible paper plates and cups, or edible cupcake wrappers and popcorn bags.

We all love inventing things in our heads, especially during times when we feel like we should be more eco-friendly, or when the leftover cupcake bits on the wrapper just seem too good to waste. Alas, not everyone has the technical know-how, let alone the drive, to go into a lab and start turning these ideas into a reality.

Invent Help Benefits of Coming Up with Your Own Creation

Coming up with new and innovative ideas can be fun and in some instances, it can be practical and serve a bigger purpose than you  intend. A lot of people will definitely love edible cupcake wrappers, and you will be doing the world a favor if you come up with an organic compost maker that makes fertilizers in a matter of minutes. Coming up with your invention also produces a certain sense of pride, especially if that idea meets a need that many people have.

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The problem lies in the actual creation. Most people simply do not have the resources nor the technical know-how to put these ideas to work. This is not surprising. Brilliant ideas can occur to anyone, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a post-office clerk working a 9-to-5 job. These occupations are not really the best occupations that would prepare one for skills and experiences needed to invent machines and gadgets that are designed to meet specific human demands. In the past, famous inventors like  Ben Franklin and  Alexander Graham Bell had their laboratories and their workshops where they tested their own ideas. Today, only a few people have the time and financial resources to actually come up with ideas and spend money on a lab and machines that can turn these ideas into a reality.

This is where Invent Help comes in

Started in 1984, Invent Help assists inventors in turning their ideas into realities by offering guidance and resources during the development process, doing patent searches, submitting the invention to potential investors and manufacturing companies, and presenting the product on trade-shows to gather more exposure for the idea. The company evaluates the viability of the invention, helps inventors fine-tune and streamline their ideas to make the final product more viable and pairs inventors with patent lawyers who can assist in the filing for patents later on.

Invent Help also provides presentation assistance in the form of Virtual Invention Presentation, which is a virtual 3D model of the invention to provide potential investors and manufacturers a more tangible presentation of how the invention may work in real life. They can also provide actual prototype models to give investors and manufacturers a physical model of the invention.

Inventors are guaranteed full confidentiality with their inventions. This means full protection of ideas until you are ready to file a patent for your creation. Invent Help has numerous locations all over the country so finding a representative who can help you with your idea is easy.

There are dozens of brilliant ideas out there that could do some good and even change lives if they were just developed and turned into actual gadgets, machines, or processes. Fortunately, companies like Invent Help are changing the landscape by helping ordinary people transform simple ideas into reality. Check out their website at to know more about Invent Help and bringing your idea to life.


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