What Are the Benefits of Setting Up an Offshore Company?

by Business Planning & Opportunities 23 July 2018

Offshore Company

There are a number of reasons why as many as 90% of startups fail. The worst is failing and finding out that there may have been a way to save the business after all. Opening an offshore company is an advantage that should not be overlooked.


Offshore business comes with controversy, which can lead to false impressions. One thing that needs to be clear, though, is that offshore companies are not illegal. Only when the players of the company and shareholders break the law do they become illegal.


Offshore companies aren’t just reserved for large corporations and hedge funds. Ordinary businesses can take advantage of various legal purposes. For more information on this, let’s take a closer look at offshore entities.

Owning Property Offshore :

This is a great starting point for researching how an offshore company can benefit you. Owning property overseas can help diversify your investments. Most investors will use a foreign entity to hold the title for a property offshore.


This basic tenant of offshore investing helps lower taxes, improves perceived value towards investors, and ensures confidentiality. Holding property offshore that produces products or services helps to keep overheads low, not just taxes.


Offshore property is akin to the mooring chains of international transport, holding an unbreakable bond between you and your investments. Also, while it is a touchy subject, offshore properties have lower probate taxes. It might even be possible to set up direct inheritance without paying probate.

Analyzing Tax Benefits :

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Offshore investments largely revolve around getting lower capital and income taxes offered by foreign countries. All of these benefits will greatly depend on the category of taxes (individual or corporate). It will likewise be influenced by the home country’s tax codes.


Sometimes moving operations overseas isn’t all that advantageous regarding taxes, it might be a logistical convenience. Whatever the case may be, it is important to look at filing requirements and what will be the true cost of starting an offshore company.


Leave this to the professional corporate tax lawyers who are experienced with these matters. Find yourself a financial planner to get a complete picture of what it will take to acquire these tax benefits and become more tax efficient.

Minimal Compliance Standards :

Filing for an offshore company might initially take some finessing, but that’s not the case for keeping it compliant. Most popular offshore destinations require very little from the local government. Compliance is very simplified, there is a reduced amount of auditing or even filing required with registrars.


The compliance process is usually handed off to a local financial accountant who will maintain communication with the government. Any official paperwork requested will be filed on the company’s behalf. This saves the company even more on both time and money.


Annual incorporation fees, permits, and licensing are automatically paid. It can literally cost less than a few thousand dollars to stay in good standing for most offshore entities. These days, it is a small price to pay to stay compliant.

Keeping a Private Profile :

Privacy is also something that can be a primary reason for starting an offshore company. Incorporating offshore allows most business filing private from public access. Even in the case of investigative inquiries, your business can be protected as long as there is no warrant.


In America, the UK, and many other European countries, internal dealings of companies are accessible by the public. This includes, but not limited to:


  • Gross revenues
  • Net profits
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Public and private investments


Once you register your business with the state, then it is compulsory for them to provide access to public inquiry. This can even extend to the personal business data of company directors and management. People can find out how much these persons are earning and their dealings.


An offshore arrangement with the right government will guarantee the confidentiality of all of this data. Advantages of doing this extend beyond personal preference. This can provide protection from competing businesses.


If you want to keep business investments on discoveries, patent filings, and so forth, an offshore company is vital. In this era of “patent thieves” and copycats, getting a headstart on the competition is huge.

Disrupting Lawsuits and Asset Protection :

Along with the threat of patent or idea theft, you have other nefarious tactics to worry about. Competitors or your own government may go after your business on frivolous technicalities. Many offshore entities have legal protections in place for these specific cases.


This is ideal if you hold a lot of personal wealth or if you’re an entrepreneur. Achieving a lot of success in a short period of time turns heads. There will be people cheering you on as well as saboteurs. This is why countries like Belize and the Cayman Islands are so popular.


These countries have made it difficult and pricey to target company holdings within their borders. If a lawsuit is brought against one of their companies, large sums of money need to be paid to file. Plus, the plaintiff will need to hire a new lawyer to represent them in said country.


Let’s just say that popular offshore destinations do not know the definition of cheap legal services.

Final Thoughts :

So, what should you take away from all of this information on offshore companies? Well, remember that it is 100% completely legal to do so. It’s not dodging taxes if you’re doing business in a foreign country. An offshore company offers advantages to large corporations and smaller businesses.


Don’t let controversial stories, such as the Panama Papers, deter you from utilizing these business opportunities. If you’re looking for more information on business planning check out our blog. We have a long list of legal advice, business structuring, and more.


It will take some time to learn how to set up an offshore company, but the investment is worth it. You will be securing your future in a way you could never do on your own turf.




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