Interesting Ways to Get Your PRINCE2 Teams Working Together

by Business Planning 12 April 2021

Get Your PRINCE2 Teams Working Together

Finding a way to get diverse teams working together is one of the biggest challenges in many modern businesses. This is made even more difficult in geographically dispersed teams. Yet, there are some interesting ways of doing this that are worth looking into.

Share Team-Building Days and Events:

Team-building days are perfect for letting colleagues get to know each better in a relaxed setting. Yet, a common mistake is to limit them purely to small groups of people who always spend the days close together anyway.

It is a better idea to open up the group to include workers who don’t often come into contact with one another. They may work on similar tasks, or on different parts of the same process, but they don’t have any reason to speak to one another during their normal routines.

Getting them out of the office is a fine way to let them get to know each other and understand the full process that the business carries out. Combining this with an awards event lets you give recognition to the best performers in a relaxed, informal setting where you can also speak about the future and build up stronger bonds.

Even a virtual team-building day for people who can’t all travel to the same location is worth trying. It is a break from their normal duties and a chance for everyone to relax a little. There are plenty of ideas for virtual team-building to help everyone to feel more connected and part of a bigger overall effort.

Get Them Working Together on Projects:

Project work is one of the best ways of getting everyone across different areas to pull together as a team. We all love to see how we can contribute to improving the processes for everyone. A cross-team project that helps everyone in different ways can be difficult to organize, but the potential benefits are often worth the effort.

It may be that a central project team is needed to coordinate the work. Apart from this, it is a good idea to arrange PRINCE2 training Courses for the team members who will help out on a temporary basis, as this allows everyone to add their knowledge and expertise while following the same project guidelines and framework.

Get Them Working Together on Projects:

A multi-team project approach can also be used to define your upcoming projects. This lets everyone see how any possible changes could impact them and put forward their own opinions. It might identify some sort of problem that you had never noticed, or open up new possibilities of saving time and money by working more smartly as a team.

Move the Teams Around:

Switching team members to different roles can have some useful benefits, as they will get to know more of their colleagues and understand the overall business better. Rather than only seeing a small part of the process, they will get to see the big picture.

This can also stop employees from getting bored in the same role with the same faces day after day. A fresh approach like this keeps people on their toes and stops them from going stale sitting in the same role for a long time.

Even just getting people to rotate their seating regularly can provide you with some decent benefits. For example, there may be a better exchange of ideas as people get to know other colleagues and everyone understands the whole business that bit better.

Any of these ideas can help the members of your teams to feel that they are contributing to the business and progressing their own careers at the same time.

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