What To Know About Creating a Mobile Office

by Business Planning 05 July 2017

Mobile office

Remote work isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it is a one that continues to become increasingly common and mainstream. There are so many different options for working remotely, one of which is creating a mobile office on wheels. This is a model that works particularly well for real estate professionals, but it can also work in a range of other industries and across professions.


When you have a mobile office, it can mean that you’re also travelling while you work remotely, or that your office stays in one general location.


Below are some tips and things to know about creating a mobile office, which provides freedom and flexibility to work from pretty much anywhere.


RV Offices


One option for working in a mobile office is to use an RV. The idea of an RV office is great for managing a small team of real estate agents, or it can work well for many other professionals such as people who record their own podcast, writers, marketing professionals or really anyone who wants a dedicated space to work that also offers flexibility.


If you use an RV or trailer as an office, you can take it with when you travel, and park it when you’re at home, so it’s the best of both worlds.




Making a mobile office that works for you requires good hardware. You’ll want a great, lightweight computer that’s portable but also has all the features you need, and you might consider a mobile hotspot or amplifier to make sure you always have the WiFi signals and cellular service you need.


You don’t want to spend your time managing WiFi problems, for example, so keep yourself covered.


Other options include a high-speed mobile access card, or using a MiFi which is a compact wireless router.


Virtual File Cabinet


The point of a mobile office, whether this means you have a dedicated space in an RV or simply can pick up and go with all of your work whenever you want, is that things like paper files don’t encumber you. You can create a paperless mobile office and an efficient document management system by scanning in all of your existing hard copy files and documents and then creating a virtual filing cabinet.


You can sync your files to your online backup service and access them from anywhere.


If you’re setting up a mobile office, also make sure you look into a virtual phone system to ensure that you are always accessible and create a professional appearance for your business.


As a final note, always stay ahead of new technology. You want to have the most streamlined and nimble mobile office possible, and technology is what will allow you to do that. Whether it’s getting the newest tablet to take notes and manage communication on-the-go, or investing in a great new cloud-based software that will help you stay better connected with customers when you keep an eye on technology you can also maximize your productivity and keep your mobile office running smoothly and effectively.


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