5 Benefits of Scrum for Small Businesses

by Small Business 24 May 2018

Small Businesses

About 55 percent of manufacturers combine project management methods to achieve their goals. Yet, the benefits of Scrum on its own should not be understated. This framework allows companies to manage their time, money, and communication.

Due to the sheer number of projects, many leaders struggle to guide their teams to meet their aims.

But project managers make other mistakes. These include failing to break down big projects and defining individual projects. Some don’t even use a project management tool or even adjust their approach when things go wrong. Last, they allow communication to be closed and ineffective.

These are all recipes for disaster. Even so, if you use Agile with Scrum, you’ll see your projects start moving toward completion. Keep reading to learn the benefits of Scrum.

Benefits of Scrum:

Many people wonder, “What is Scrum and what does it mean?” Well, it is a framework which breaks down tasks and allows the leaders and team members to complete the job.

If you want to know what it can do for you, read these five benefits:

1. Creating Quality Products:

The Scrum process creates quality products due to set manageable goals. The team is not limited to chasing one large goal or vision. Instead, they focus on small projects.

Moreover, this allows for more testing, feedback, and development. They document each stage thereby enabling them to fix any problematic issues retroactively. They also get to improve their tools and processes to create quality products.

2. Provides More Flexibility:

Using Scrum and Agile methodology makes you more flexible in making changes. Many projects suffer because teams have a rigid plan they are trying to complete. Yet, a better approach is to make changes depending on issues and circumstances.

Some problems are out of our control and this means you should be able to adapt.

3. Better Team Planning and Collaboration:

Scrum teams use their skills and knowledge to deliver great results. Some go for various courses such as the scrum master certification Sacramento offers. This training equips teams with planning, organization, and implementation skills.

The team communicates better and boosts innovativeness and creativity. They review their progress and make changes as necessary. They also talk and get feedback from shareholders.

4. Project Cost Control:

Using Scrum gives the teams greater control over the project costs. They are flexible enough to make changes when issues arise that may affect costs. This applies to product quality as well since they can fix problems before costs rise.

The teams can also spot risks early thereby preventing unexpected costs. Their short-burst approach reduces costs by allowing them to finish projects faster. Their approach also reduces product errors, which lowers the costs.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction rises due to the collaboration between everyone involved. This includes product owners, Scrum teams, and stakeholders. The entire process is transparent and flexible, which creates quality products for customers.

The great collaboration among the team members makes the job enjoyable. This translates to higher quality products. These products also reach the market faster, which is good for the customers.

Get More Small Business Tips:

As you can see, there are many benefits of Scrum. It will improve your business functions, create quality products, and satisfy your customers. Remember to review the process throughout to spot and fix errors.

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