The Top Things You Should Watch Out for when Planning an Event

by Business Planning 29 October 2018


There are many things which could – and will – go wrong during an event, and you’d best not think about it too much. But it’s still better to be prepared, and safe rather than sorry. The point is, you have to stay on top of everything to make sure your event is a success. It’s not easy, though – you have to know what to watch out for, so you can avoid any untoward circumstance or situation. So here are the top things you should watch out for when planning your event.

Be sure about the venue:

When you are planning to hire a venue, you should do it as early as possible. Do it first thing. Even if you have the right space and the correct date, you may find yourself competing with another organisation to get the venue you want. To prevent panic because you can’t book your venue, make sure to confirm everything in good time. Even if a site is overbooked and you suddenly find out that you can’t use it, you can still make plans and find another place without too much stress.

Be careful about your dates:

If you are planning an event and are expecting a significant number of attendees from different areas (and even different countries), be careful about your dates. Think about this: there may be another event which coincides with your event, thereby lessening your attendees, or there may be attendees observing various holidays. Be mindful of the holidays which may be happening during your proposed date/s, as you don’t want to end up adjusting your date/s just because of a specific holiday or another big event happening on the same date.

Be sure to update your event budget regularly:

Needless to say, budget planning is essential when you have an event. You will have an estimated budget, but you will most likely have an actual budget. One major mistake any planner can make is to not regularly update their event budget based on whatever changes they may have in their programme. If you have a significant change, you need to update your budget according to this change too. If you miss an update, this could lead to confusion regarding your budget and even a budget that turns out not to be enough to cover all expenses. Make sure to stay ahead of your budget at all times.

Be aware of any potential security issues and risks:

Nowadays, security can certainly be an issue at any event, so you have to be on your toes when it comes to security. Some event planners neglect to take security aspects into proper consideration – and this can be a big error. Make sure you have a security plan as well as security procedures in place, particularly if you have to deal with an emergency.

Be knowledgeable about the equipment you need:

You don’t have to be an all-out equipment expert, but you still need to be sure that you at least have an idea about the equipment you need for your event. For instance, if you need specialised AV equipment, you should have an idea of your requirements. If you don’t have time to learn as much as you can about the equipment you require, there is an alternative, however: you can rely on a good AV company or AV companies who can provide you with the right guidance and recommendations to ensure that you have all the proper equipment you require.

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