How to Become a Proficient Corporate Lawyer

by Business Planning Published on: 25 May 2018 Last Updated on: 17 September 2018

Corporate Lawyer

You have probably come across some smart looking attorneys always smiling radiantly while dealing with their clients and these clients are always looking happy and satisfied when exchanging handshakes with them. Sometimes when you have the chance of seeing these lawyers working in their offices, you always find them reviewing business agreements for companies, drafting real estate transactions, working on corporate taxes, mergers, and acquisitions. Then you keep wondering what kind of lawyer is this who has so much induced your admiration? That is a Corporate Lawyer.

Becoming a Corporate Lawyer, a proficient one at that, can be a smooth ride for you if you know and you are willing to give it what it takes. If your dream has always been how you would attain the position of a good Corporate Lawyer, then you are in the right place because you are about to find out exactly the right path to tread. Working as a lawyer can be so much lucrative and rewarding but you must be adequately informed on how to attain this feat, which is what we are about to do. With the growing economy and increasing multinational companies and corporations, the demand for corporate lawyers has been on the increase because these companies need legal services in acquisitions, joint ventures, public listing, and drafting corporate agreements. For you to become a competent corporate lawyer, you must be ready to do the following.

Acquire an Undergraduate degree:

It is not enough to be just a corporate lawyer, being a competent one is what matters. The journey starts when you acquire your undergraduate degree in Law. This involves a lot of hard work and dedication to studying. You should build your writing and critical analytical skills. Reading widely in English, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science and other subjects will be very beneficial.

Attend Law School:

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, you need to proceed by attending a law school. This is where you are equipped with more practical knowledge that will help you in your career as a corporate lawyer. You need to take more courses that are relevant to the corporate law for example business law, contract law, taxation law, accounting, security law, intellectual property rights and so on. This will equip you for the challenges of the industry.

Take the Bar Examination:

Passing the bar examination is very important. This is the professional body that will certify you as a lawyer. This examination will test the knowledge you acquired during undergraduate degree and in law school. You should be well prepared for it.

Apply for Internship:

Undergoing internship will help you to gain first-hand knowledge of how things work in the corporate law industry and it will give you the opportunity of meeting professionals in your field. The internship will also open your eyes to more opportunities in corporate law and make you fully ready to begin a career as a corporate lawyer.

Take Specialist Course in Corporate Law:

As a corporate lawyer, it will give you an edge if you specialize in a specific aspect of corporate law even after practicing in various areas. Acquiring a Master’s degree in corporate law will consolidate your knowledge of your chosen career and make you more efficient as a corporate lawyer. You will easily gain the confidence of your clients with your level of exposure.

Join Network of established corporate lawyers:

As a practicing corporate lawyer, it will benefit you a lot to always connect with lawyers in your niche. This will keep you up to date on developments in your chosen career.

Now that you have an understanding of the steps you must take for you to become a good corporate lawyer, let us briefly take a look at the qualities you should possess that will make you an outstanding corporate lawyer and help you exhibit the highest level of professionalism in discharging your duties. These qualities are listed below.

  • You should have good communication skills.
  • Build and sharpen your analytical skills.
  • You must be good at conducting research.
  • You must exhibit creativity in every task you come across.
  • Pay attention to details and be extremely observant.
  • Have an up to date awareness of your commercial environment.

In conclusion, we have realized that in our ever increasingly competitive commercial world, it is not enough to just become a corporate lawyer but to be a competent one. Building a successful career in corporate law involves dedication and self-discipline. The vital qualities of a good corporate lawyer have been highlighted. It is therefore important to exhibit all these qualities in order to succeed as a corporate lawyer.

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