‘Fundamental Ideological Divide’ With Haley, Says Prez Candidate Ramaswamy

by Our Blogs 14 November 2023

Fundamental Ideological Divide With Haley Says Prez Candidate Ramaswamy

The Indian-American biotechnology entrepreneur and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy mentioned that he has a “fundamental ideological divide” with the Republican rival Nikki Haley, who is representing a much older generation in the party.

Both Ramaswamy and Haley have had a public clash during the last two out of the three Republican primary debates.

I think there’s a fundamental ideological divide. She represents an older generation of Republicans, Ramaswamy told Fox News during an interview on Monday about the former South Carolina governor.

“She talks a lot about how we need a new generation of leadership. I agree with her. It’s just that she’s on the wrong side of that generational divide, taking us back to the Dick Cheney era, pointless wars that wasted $7 trillion of national debt that we accumulated, thousands of America’s sons and daughters of lives sacrificed, people my age,” Ramaswamy further added.

“That’s a mistake. I think that anybody who has made money off those wars, people who have been part of the establishment, joining military contractors, monetising their time in government, I don’t care if that’s the Biden corruption family or if it’s a Republican version of that, which is what I see in Nikki Haley. It’s wrong,” he said. “So, I’m calling that out. The establishment doesn’t appreciate that very much. But I think we deserve somebody who is not just a puppet of the special interests, but somebody who’s independent, coming in from the outside…”

Both the Indian Americans have qualified for the fourth primary Republican Party debate, which was boycotted by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. “I will be there, and I will be similarly unrestrained as I was in the last debate as well. That’s what our base is hungry for. They want the truth. They don’t want professional politicians with talking points. So, yes, I have qualified. I will be there. And I don’t think that we’re going to disappoint people by hiding behind some shell. I’m going to be pretty open. And that’s what people are hungry for,” Ramaswamy further added.

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