Canada Foreign Minister ‘Confident’ Row With India Will Be Resolved

by Our Blogs 11 November 2023

Canada Foreign Minister Confident Row With India Will Be Resolved

Despite a strain in ties between New Delhi and Ottawa, the Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said that she had been in close contact with her counterpart in India, S Jaishankar, further added that it is indeed a tough moment in their relationship between both the nations spanning decades.

Melanie Joly held a virtual press conference on Thursday to get into a discussion about her participation in the current G7 meeting of foreign ministers, which had taken place in Tokyo.

During this conference, Joly had a discussion about Canada’s diplomatic standstill with India, particularly during a time when the relations between both the countries were still stained.

She mentioned, “When it comes to India, I have mentioned it many times…I am in close contact with my counterpart, S Jaishankar, and we know this is a difficult moment in a relationship that spanned decades, so therefore I am confident that we will be able to get through this difficult period, as we know that we have many interests also that we can work together in common.”

Speaking about the issue of 41 Canadian diplomats who were withdrawn from India, she added that the Canadian diplomats left India only because their immunities were pulled back.

“Of course, we talk about our relationship within the Indo-Pacific with all our friends and like-minded…and of course…we are preoccupied by India’s decision to get rid of the diplomatic immunities of 41 of our Canadian diplomats which put their safety at risk,” she added. “And, we are happy to see that there is clear language in the declaration (G7 declaration) reaffirming the importance of the Vienna Convention and the diplomatic immunities that are part of this.”

When the reporters asked if the disputes were now settled, the Canadian minister said, “Well, first and foremost, I have said it many times that Canadian diplomats had to leave India because their immunities were taken back…and I said that Canada would not retaliate…”

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